Super-woman superhero therapy by DR Janina Scarlet book review #AD

Hi all, hope you are well during this worrying time. many of you know I really struggle with anxiety and going out. I have probably tried everything to manage it and be a bit more me.  anxiety, depression and mental health problems can make you feel alone, vulnerable and like you different from everybody else but statistically, 1-5 women suffer from common disorders like anxiety and depression which is shocking but not surprising. Many of us may not fully understand why we feel this way or like me, I know why but despite my best efforts nothing could be done which has made me spiral back to a few of my negative ways this year hasn’t it been a great one ay! One thing I can do is help myself and with that, I’ve found an amazing book which has come into my life at the perfect time.

I have kindly been gifted a copy of Super-woman superhero therapy for woman battling depression, anxiety and trauma. Written by Dr Janina scarlet and illustrated by Christy Jedigoddess. Dr Janina is not only a licenced clinical phycologist but also a Chernobyl survivor, who take truly unique therapy methods that empower women to use the inner battles they face and turn into the superwomen they are.




The book itself is really relatable and contains 7 woman stories all different but echo each other. There are so many moments in life that shape us to be who we are often for the best but sometimes for the worst. These moments often have trigger we may not understand but one of the many things this book does is help you to translate what you’re really feeling from your actions and thoughts. For example, I personally always feel as tho I am doing something wrong and I’m not good enough. So when/if anyone is critical or makes me feel they are, I tend to get quite sensitive or lairy. superhero therapy has helped me understand why I feel that way and how to change the negative reaction to a more positive one.

Superwoman therapy will not only help you understand your emotions but help you face them head-on. With all of the practical exercise and a lot of breaks may be needed it can be difficult to face your inner demons.  I definitely feel as though the book has made me kinder to myself and I am slowly breaking out of my negative thought patterns thanks to the way it helps me be more mindful of not only myself but other around me. I can feel my relationships becoming stronger and I know what people need from me and I need from them emotionally.  Time will only tell my biggest stressor is going out which atm I cannot due to the C19 word we don’t mention on this blog.  I do think I will be able to go out like a normal person and have reduced anxiety level which, to be honest, is something I want and my children. We stay in a lot I feel bad for them but at the same time we cannot afford lots of expensive days so I shouldn’t be guilty or beating myself up over it my inner superwoman doesn’t need to beat herself up about things out of her control.

What I loved about super-woman therapy was that  I could work at my own pace with no restrictions no judgment and in my own space. It is also nice to know if I  slip again I have got it on the shelf waiting with my very own support group. This book is an amazing obviously change isn’t going to happen overnight but superwoman therapy,  all it characters and some work from yourself you can feel better without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You can buy a copy  (HERE)if you’d like to not sponsored but I really do believe in the book and its author who is an award winner and from reading superwoman superhero t truly understand why. It will be such a help to so many after reading I do not feel as trapped by my own thoughts and negative behaviours.


Thank you for reading and I truly hope you are well.

Stay safe

Jade the super-woman x






DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this book for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinion are my own. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.


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