The Secret Lifespan of Amtico

Throughout history there has always been one brand name in every industry or sector that has gone above and beyond in its field to deliver an enviable flawless product.

Being a leading brand brings a lot of pressure, and with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, the brand name Amtico is the one known to withstand the most pressure to become the nation’s number one vinyl flooring giant.

Historic Steps

Made in Britain has never been such a proud boast as when adopted by Amtico, who for over 50 years have been at the pinnacle of luxury vinyl tile and plank manufacturing.

Bringing together the industries top designers, manufacturers and consultants to pioneer the highest level of design and innovation, Amtico have spent their considerable time at the top of the industry testing and crafting the ultimate in flooring durability, style and assurance.

Amtico is a visionary brand that are miles ahead of competitive flooring brands that focuses on flexible, durable and sustainable options throughout any room in the house.

Signature of Excellence

Amtico Spacia collection meets any requirement within the home with features set to protect the flooring and the potential hazards that can be faced.

With enhanced slip resistance, you can be sure that even the busiest kitchen, whether domestic or commercial, will not see any casualties. Utilising breakthrough manufacturing techniques, Amtico distributes slip resistant particles through the wear layers which do not compromise the aesthetic but ensures that performance over a lifetime stays consistent. 

With a standard 1.0mm wear layer and a 20 year commercial warranty, you can be sure that heavy traffic won’t mean heavy repairs.

What of Designs?

Well, what is your preference?

Everything from replicated Spacia Woods to blended earthly Spacia stone, Amtico goes above and beyond to give your home the design satisfaction first time around. Highest sellers and most popular requests come in the form of White Washed Wood and Nomad Oak for those wanting a more natural vibrancy to their domicile.

For those liking a more wild design you can choose Parquet for Black Walnut or Coastal Pine, giving whatever room you choose a feel of warmth and comfort.

Also of note is its relative ease on the bank balance, with this particular brand being the lowest price Amtico flooring. Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to afford.

For the cheapest Amtico flooring UK, you cannot choose a much better brand than the leading.


You’ve searched through websites, asked your friends, and even went home depot hunting in order to find the best fabric you want for your curtain and upholstery essentials. After almost days of browsing through a lot of pages, ads, and websites, you’ve almost given up your search and you’re just an inch away in settling to buy at a local and unreliable fabric shop. The worst part is, you can only find a fabric store for clothes and not for your curtain and upholstery purposes. Searching for a curtain and upholstery fabric store that sells online can sometimes be impossible and exhausting. 

Well, today is your lucky day. If you’re looking for the best fabric store online, the you’re reading the right blog. We highly recommend you try As read, they offer the best fabrics for your home essentials. 

Worried about the durability of your fabrics? Don’t frown. Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s got you. You can now shop online while also knowing what your fabrics are made of. Their website is full of information where you can also view what the fabrics are composed with. They have full disclosure over their fabrics to also let the clients know what they’re actually buying. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is now a rising physical and online fabric shop for special fabrics best used for your drapes and your couches. Everything in their online shop is just totally surreal.

There are also times when we get to imagine of the design, color, and unique patterns for our curtains and sofas. Sometimes, we get discouraged because we feel that what we’re thinking is just a little bit over the top. Unbelievably speaking, what you’re looking for might also be at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Looking at their seemingly endless collection, they’ve got thousands of fabrics to choose from. You got a unique color with a quirky pattern paired with your desired fabric; perhaps Yorkshire Fabric Shop has it. Their collection just sums up to a multitude that it can overwhelm you. The store is so promising that they can provide what you want and need.

If you don’t want to scroll throughout long pages and you already know what fabric you want but you just can’t decide on what design to have it with, Yorkshire Fabric Shop lets you search your fancied fabrics to make it more convenient for you. Their website is easy to navigate and easy to search, plus you can even search for specifics if you like. 

Yorkshire Fabric Shop also are able to send you sample fabrics if you can’t decide what you want buy from them. They actually do this in order for the clients to really buy what they know is best for them. Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers the security and confidence in their fabrics so customers will also be satisfied with their purchase. This actually is the most client-centered shop you could ever hope for. 

We strongly suggest you visit Yorkshire Fabric Store because they offer curtain and upholstery fabrics online. So much for going through stores and emptying your energy just to look for the best fabric shop. Shopping for fabrics online has now been made easy. The convenience the store provides is just god-tier. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the best online fabric store for your home needs. 

Halloween fun with #MAOAMmicschief

Hi all , how are you? My kids finally break up for half term today and I’ve decided to trick them in the name of Halloween. It was really funny I made a trick or treat box using items I had around the house.

Odds and ends from around the house.

I then decorated the box and placed some cardboard inside the box to create two separate sections.Daddy put in the trick whilst I was picking up the kids from school which was some fun squirty play foam and I’m pretty sure there were some fake spiders involved . In the treat side we added maoam strips perfect portion and wrapped which I feel is more hygienic. And for the sake of my mischief stopped the foam contaminating the sweets.

The set up!

When the children arrived home they were so excited and probably thought what the heck is going on.

Emily waiting time dig in 🤣

Emily of course picked treat but all fool her I got the trick or treat mixed up so she got the trick anyway I’d like to say was ment to be that way but was complete accident haha.

Foamy goodness

Harrison had a little go too but his face wasn’t to pleased 😂. I can confirm no children were hurt and both got some yummy maoam after our #maoammischeif I’m thinking up of some more in time for Christmas. Been a testing few months defiantly need some more fun. For more mischeif visit and check out the frighteningly fun free events they’re holding at shopping centres around the UK for Halloween!’ 

We all had lots of fun what’s your favourite Halloween trick I’d love to know need some new material for next year haha.

Jade x

‘This post is an entry for the BritMums #MAOAMmischief Challenge, sponsored by MAOAM. Get ideas for creating mischief with your kids at and check out the frighteningly fun free events they’re holding at shopping centres around the UK for Halloween!’ 

Back to school hacks with ace for whites #ACEIT challenge #AD

Hi all hope you are well , With half term looming i thought id share with you one of my favoutite washing products and some perparing for back to school tips . My children break up on friday for halloween , however thing will look this year we will make it fun. I like to get a head start ready for when half terms over , i usually have a list of thing i like to on the last day of term before we start to enjoy the holiday fun.

My pre-half term list

  • Empty out the school bag’s and lunch box. Any rubbish in the bin/ recycling and any old food emptied out and lunchbox cleaned ready for day one too.
  • I like to get the children to do any homework and spellings , then all can be returned there backpack ready as well. No last minute spuddling for lost homework.
  • Wash and iron the uniforms and hang them ready to go ,day one back no rushing around well…unless the alarm forgets to go off because you haven’t set it not that I’ve ever done that .
  • The dreaded pe bag everything gets washed , dried and put back in.

Some people have called me over organised but I’d rather give myself a head start after half term and enjoy the time with the children. Just spending half an hour or what ever it takes really does take the stress away. The back to school transtiton is almost stress less depending on toddler tantrums haha.

keeping your whites bright with ACE!

  • Seperate your washing properly. For me that means 3 seprate loads 1 x whites 1 x darks 1 x red and that’s just the school clothes. I never mix because i hate when the white school tops are go grey.
  • Use Ace for whites. Simply add the instructed amount to the draw along with your other washing products. Not only does it leave the school tops looking new everytime (see below for comparisson old top washed with ace and a brand new one ). It also removed odours and germs from clothing so not only do they smell cleaner , they are cleaner.
  • Ace for whites also contains bleach so its reccommened its only used on plain white items.
  • Ace is also very concentrated so helps stretch the pennies and still removes stains like the lovely pens the school allow the kids to use that don’t wash off.

(This post is an entry for the #ACEit challenge , sponsered by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites , treat stainsand laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!)

I am so impressed with how well the ace worked i could wait to rave about it. I dont know about you but any product that is affordable and does such a job is a winner in my book. If your intrested in trying for yourself it currently on sale in morrisons. What are your favourite washing products and what is your best back to school organisation tips id love to know please comment below. Thanks for reading and have a lovely half term

Jade x

(This post is an entry for the #ACEit challenge , sponsered by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites , treat stainsand laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!)

Glossybox midnight fantasy edit review.

Hi all happy Monday , how are you?. Today I’m going to be reviewing this October’s glossybox and it’s amazing probably my favourite edits for a long while. I did Unsub for a while but I alway come back. Glossy is defiantly one of my favourite monthly treats. I like to call it my mum treat🤣 not that I need an excuse the value and items speak for themselves. This month there were two different edits enchanted spirit and Midnight fantasy which I received and would of picked if I’d had the choice.

Inside my midnight fantasy edit.

  • A deluxe mini Essential eye cream – really hydrating and improved my eye bags 😂.
  • Full size bubble T star dust foamining bath powder in rose really lovely such a indulgent treat after a stressful day.
  • A full size Luna beauty lipstick in the shade pixie really lovely with nice pigment and lasting wear. (See swatch)
  • A deluxe mini illimasqua hydra veil primer really good base for my foundation I really enjoyed it will definatly treat myself to a full size soon.
  • A full size the beauty corp stargazing blush duo perfect shade for me skin tone love them. The pigment is nice and the formula is buildable which is perfect for me as I often wear to much blush oops. (See swatch)

All in all I was really happy with this months box unfortunately the October box is sold out but you can use my code to sign up for next months box (HERE) it will contain a full size pallet worth £29 already covers the cost of the subscriptions. I must admit my glossybox has helped me build up a lovely collection of make up perfect if your like me and don’t have a clue where to begin, my eyeliner is still wonkey after 15 years of wearing it haha I don’t give up. What was your favourite item this month? What’s your favourite beauty box I’d love to know comment below thanks for reading.

Jade x

metal health and anxiety update and Self-care tips!

Hi everyone ,hope you are well. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to this year being over. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get motivated and stay motivated ,recently with the current events ,I’m not even going to mention because I’m sick of hearing about it. All the rules and regulations are fine I suppose we just gotta live with them but would be fantastic if we weren’t all walking on eggshells constantly things changing at a drop of a hat. I wish we could forsea the outcome of it all.

I’ve been really struggling this week With my anxiety and mental health it’s all getting too much and I need to snap out of it tbh but easier said than done. I can only imagine the amount of people who are struggling right now it’s so awful. My advice for anyone who hasn’t dealt with mental health before or someone who is suffering again please get help you don’t have to face it alone. A problem shared is a problem halves as some might say. I’ve compiled a little list below of distractions and coping mechanisms I have personally used to help. I’m no expert mind you but the amount of different therapy’s and treatments I’ve had for anxiety and depression is quite extensive. I used to be quite embarressed because of my mental illness. I’m not anymore we’re all human and sometimes life just gets too overwhelming and stressful and there’s nothing wrong with admitting you may need support accept any help you are able to obtain. That’s the first step I suppose accepting you have a problem and getting any help where you can.


  • Meditation and deep breathing I can’t recommend enough there are some lovely videos avalible on YouTube you can meditate along with.
  • Going for a walk the fresh air and gentle exercise.
  • Get a hobby they can be your greatest distraction for me it’s comping , sewing , blogging this list goes on. It can be anything that makes you happy.
  • CBT self help books can be useful whilst waiting for treatment.
  • Get enough sleep this can be so detrimental to feeling well and defiantly should be top of any self care list.
  • Don’t drink away your problems tempting I know I’ve done it and didn’t help alcohol is a depressant so will only worsen your problems. (Learnt that the hard way)
  • See your doctor and seek help don’t suffer in silence quite possible the most important advice I could give.

Lastly I just wanted to say don’t ever feel you have to suffer alone and don’t ever feel bad about having any of the problems your faced with. Everyone is different we all cope in different ways there is no wrong way . Eventually everything will be ok again, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as long as you never give up. YOUVE GOT THIS!!!

What are your favourite self-help tips ?I’d love to know please comment below thanks for reading Jade x

Be you !

Hi all , hope your well today im writing about being yourself because changing yourself to be something or someone your not should never be an options. In society today there are so many social pressures to be “perfect”. The increased use of social media , i think may contribute to this but what alot of us forget is that people are not going to share the negative side of their lives or themselves . For instance i have many bad habbits smoking , swearing , biting nails and exsessivly talking when im nervous/anxious to name a few there but they dont make me a bad person , probably very annoying but thats me .

I always used to worry so much about what others thought about me (still do) and truefully i dont even know why? I suppose we all just want to be liked . I found since having my children i do care less now as my priorities changed. Being mother can feel like your not you anymore but i think thats just the overwhelming , sleep deprived state were in for 18 years + and im willing to bet my life this kind of worry never stops.

I personally will be the first to admit i can be very unkind to myself i alway call myself an idiot when i make a mistake , i moan about my spots far to much because god forbit your face has got abit of texture i blame all the filters and photoshopping i see. Ive gained weigh and jiggly bits since having my children do i wanna loose a few pound of course but im trying to focus on accepting myself for who i am. When you start to allow yourself to accept YOU how you are you will feel happier and just better in general.

In recent years alot of my friends have told me about there online dating experiances. so many people pretend to be something there not. It would be great if people could be 100% honest about themselves would save so much miserey. There is nothing wrong with being yourself i truely believe that there is someone out there for everyone. I got lucky when i met liam the old fashion way as people would say at the local pub 7 years later were very happy and both out personalities make one normal person haha. Before we met we both tried online dating for me it was fun and a great way to meet new people but there is a very weird side. I dont know if its the same for men but the amount of intimate pics i recievded and didnt ask for was alarming i dont know in what universe that would attract a women and some very strange request for knickers safe to say i was scared off.On the other hand i know so many people who have met their mr right online too. I suppose it like any other platform good and bad sides.

My advice for online dating.

  • Be yourself dont try to fit someone elses mould YOU are amazing and the right person will see that.
  • Tell the truth if it works out your other half will realise your not who you say you are and could ruin everything.
  • DONT SEND intemite picks nobody asked for or wants.
  • Only use a trusted adult dating site. is a good one.
  • Add a realistic photo showing your true self no catfishing! (see below for selfie tips.)

How to take the perfect selfie and share the true you

  • Ditch the filter.
  • Good lighting i like natural light but use what you have.
  • Keep make up natural or simly dont wear any at all .
  • Smile…. Its contagious and really makes a difference on how we feel in ourself and how we are perceived by others.

I suppose what im trying to say is always be yourself no matter what people will love you no matter your quirks. If you can learn to love yourself you will automaticly feel better about yourself. STOP comparing yourself to others and live your best life jiggly bits and all.

Thanks for reading Jade x

September wins 2020

Hi all hope your are well another small post from me just wanted to share my september wins. It has been a strange old month i just cant get focused. I managed to get a insta ban from unfollowing if there was an award for the amount of times ive hit my limit id win haha. how have your months been lucky i hope. so many great comps about atm were almost ready for the spooky halloween ones and itll be advent time before we know it. I think ill be unfollowing and unsubscribing alot this month to prepare for the madness thats coming haha.


Tea + wool from tick tok tea on instagram.

A favourites magazine for harrison ill try to add his unboxing at the end. won on facebook.

a weetabix cookbook also instagram.

a beauty bundle another instagram win.

A fabulous superthing bundle from ukmumstv which had 100 blind bags for emily to had out to her friends and a superthing powerband thing she loves it makes so much noise. this was one of emilys colouring creation wins. We handed these out at the school with a colouring sheet each so many happy little face

A lovely collection of roald dahl books as model by harrison hahaa. A rare but amazing twitter win. we will have so much fun sharing the storys together.

so eco mystery bundle on facebook.

hydro cream syrum on instagram. Tried to do an unboxing see my instagram for a fail haha.

All in all weve had another great month feel very lucky and almsot felt like birthday treats for my last two wins of the month. What has been your favourite prize this month? I have you have a spooktaculiar october and your really lucky. Thanks for reading Jade x

Prestige hamper review #Ad

Hi all hope you are well I know its september but with my favorite quickly approcaching ive teamed up with pristeage hampers to bring you a special review. I dont know about you but i love a hamper , they are in my opinion lovely gifts weather its a birthday , christmas , mothers day or a even moving in gift. When myself and and liam first moved into our first home we were given one which helped us out alot ive been hooked ever since. I alway like to plan what kind of gifts i want to get people around this time when im done with the birthdays.

About prestige hampers

Prestige hampers are a wonderful online company with a excellent trust pilot review , and the only uk hamper company who do. They fill there hampers with the finest wines , cheeses and treats. All of the wonderful product are all locally sourced . They offer a huge range of hampers for all occassions from christmas to afternoon tea theres a fabulous treat for all.

The hamper royale

As a family we have been able to enjoy this wonderful hamper in a few different ways. An afternoon tea picnic and a lovely date night just myself and liam.

I must admit im really looking forward to buying another for an extra treat this christmas for us and a family member or two i wont mention names because there nosey and will spoil the surprises. Im also pleased to report after trying every product in the hamper each and every item has been really delicious and to our taste. Its been great trying so many locally sourced products and weve really enjoyed them.

upon opening the hamper which was so delicatly packaged you could really see the care that had been put into creating and sorcing the products within they all seemed to compliment each other. I automatically envisioned what i wanted to do with each of the items. My daughter emily was quite funny she said oooo its a royal hamper like the queen has she sweet .Harrison decided he was going to savage the sweets and my partner liam ran off with the vilot creams we were all very happy.The really is something for all the family to enjoy.

I feel being given a prestige hamper is like being given a box of love carefully curated with the best products. I cant fault them at all. I also noticed on the website alot of the hampers can be delievered the next working day which is so good if your like me and forget occassions.All in all for us has been a great expericance i cant reccomend enough what are your thought on hampers as gifts have you ever recieved one ? What did you think?.

Thanks for reading Jade x

Birchbox September 2020

Hi all quick one today. Finally unboxed my September Birchbox and I’m quite happy with it so thought I’d share with you all. This month box was the friendship edit such a lovely box I must admit. Inside I had six items.

  • An mcobeauty lipgloss- a lovely shade I must admit and not sticky it’s a winner for me.
  • A model co brow gel – I really liked this lasts all day didn’t smudge and the colour is spot on.
  • This works stress check roller ball I like it then smell is lovely.I think it makes me more relaxed if that’s possible I’m a stress head haha.
  • A Philip Kingsley lychee and rose shampoo treatment not used yet but will update.
  • A daily concepts charcoal soap sponge. I feel like I’ve received this a few times in sub boxes.I do really like it so won’t complain to much would be nice not to have so many repeats tho.
  • An estee launder sample sachet not yet tried but the full size is pricy at £70 yikes

All in all is a good a nice box but I’d like some new exciting products too. What’s do you think of this month box do you like it or not I’d love to know comment below. Thanks for reading jade x