Current colouring competitions! (updated 5/6)

Hi everyone, here’s a list of colouring completion to keep the children busy  🙂 will be adding and removing more when I find them. GOOD LUCK 😀


UK comps

Design a robot and label 5 important features then describe your robot key stage one a robot writing one fold key stage 2 on the same page  closes8/6 winner announced 20/7 prize is listed as win fantastic prizes so  I guess more than one will update when they reply to my email 🙂 Enter here:


print and decorate to win a bow as close to your design as possible  Enter Here:



perfect cream tea print and ask adult to email/upload winners every Thursday Details here :


wrapper design weekly comp win ten to spend on site Enter here:



(closes in June)Lottie doll soapbox derby competition print , colour and design upload and simple form ending date not listed have emailed will update when i know – Details here:!+%3F%3F%EF%B8%8F+%3F%3F&utm_campaign=Soap+Box+Derby+Launch&_bta_tid=38434476731401957385318476212718340199490300413877850100830508935375991286177105786609730582536380227379538   




win dream cycling jersey closes 28/6 ENTRY DETAILS :



6+ writing dream holiday to win a day out at UK attraction competition Enter here:


Desgn a book token to win win a £10 National Book Token for themselves and each of their classmates 🙂 closing 28/6  Enter here :


Tag your rainbow picture  to win a indoor playhouse #aliolirainbows and @AliOliKid on facebook Details here:



Biocult closes 31st may to win a money box you decorate  Details here:




design your own lorry 😀 details:



Liverpool FC big red design competition Details here:


Colgate colouring competition various prizes closes 26/6 Details here:


nairins oatcakes , Just post a picture of your best efforts and tag us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll DM the lucky winner. We can’t wait to see those colourful entries!Details here:




win a bottle of sambucol  tag on instagram @@sambucoluk  download Sheets here : tcs and full details  here:



Tkee the challenge to win some great books from puffin entry details here:


Design a bobble hate closes 30/6 details :


Desighn shoes closes 14/6 enter here














This isn’t sponsored post and none of these is my comps either just a bit of fun for the kiddos 🙂 and some peace for the parents hehe! This list will be updated as and when so don’t forget to check back soon thanks you to everyone who has tagged and sent me competitions to add to the list and well done to all our little winners love seeing everyone’s entry im so nosey hahahahah Good luck Jade xx



  1. […] Hi everyone, hope your all well I don’t know about you but I’m starting to lose the plot….not sure if I ever had it mind you. I’m so thankful we are all healthy but this lockdown is certainly starting to take it toll which shocks me as most of you know I love staying in more than most. The dear children do nothing but fight…..send help . I have found the only thing that keeps them occupied is colouring competition and they were doing well until the ink ran out and ww3 started. Shout out to instant ink keeping up inked up will be the paper next. If you’re interested in joining in the colouring comps i have a post here. […]


  2. […] Hi everyone, I can’t believe its June already been a funny old year well 6 months. we’ve had another great comping month with Emily stealing the show with her wonderful colouring its safe to say we won’t be needing any colouring supplies for a while. If you’d like to give the children’s colouring comps ago I have a post here. […]


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