Toddler teeth brushing problems and Colgate minion toothbrush review. #AD

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk to you about children’s dental hygiene and how I’ve magically stopped the toddler teeth brushing tantrums we’ve been dealing with. Harrison as many of you might no is 2 and a half and tantrum-prone everything is no atm and becoming a lot harder … More Toddler teeth brushing problems and Colgate minion toothbrush review. #AD

Homeschooling day 4

Hi everyone,  hope you’re doing ok. we’ve been doing our best to maintain some normality but in reality, it’s proving quite difficult. I think the best approach for us is little and often luckily for me, Emily loves to learn. I have come across quite a few online resources ill be sharing with you on … More Homeschooling day 4

Homeschooling day 1

Hi, everyone hopes you are doing well. Today was our first day of homeschooling didn’t quite go as planned but don’t think anything in the world is atm so won’t beat myself up over it have a much better plan for tomorrow. That, however, depending on a very bad student named Harrison haha he’s 2 … More Homeschooling day 1

Thrifty Bakes

  We all love a sweet treat but quite frankly some baking recipes use so many ingredients it’s cheaper to just buy a small cake but where’s the fun in that. Baking doesn’t need to be over complicated or too pricey. You don’t need all the fancy gadgets and gizmos I literally have a rolling-pin … More Thrifty Bakes