Old english co personalised notebook review #AD

Hi all , hope you are well. As alot of you know i have a notebook hoarding problem and in my opinion you can never have to many. Add an inspiring quote and some personlisation im sold. Ive kindly been gifted a lovely new notebook from Old English Co. They have such a wonderful collection and my wishlist is getting longer by the day so many lovely quotes which you can tinker with and make your own.

About Old English Co

The old english company is a uk based stationary and giftware brand which was founed in 2013 in london. There design based is now situated in liconshire. where they design and create hand-stamping each notebook with great care and attention to detail.

Each note book can be customise using there website so easy to use it was brilliant to be able to make the notebook my own. I think one would make a fabulous gift for a friend or family member maybe there a little down or just because. I must admit when im having a off day just reading the lovely quote on the front has given me that boost i need. Such a wonderful company i really cant fault them at all swift delievry , lovely quality and can make a meaninful gift definatly a winner.

The old english co have given me an exclusive 15% off code – OESPECBR15 and all the notebooks can be selected and personalised –https://oldenglishprints.com/collections/personalised-notebooks. This is not an affilate code just a fab discount for my readers.

Thanks for reading Jade x

Dinkleboogifts personalised book review #ad

Hi everyone hope your well. Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while life has been been crazy this whole year has been but we won’t go into that. We have kindly gifted two wonderful personalised books from a lovely company called dinkyboo gifts (linked below). As you know we are a family of bookworms the children made quick work of these think we’ve found our new bedtime story they love being the stars of there own adventures:

Princess Emily’s story , is a fun filled story about a day in the life of a princess. This adorable story is very engaging and Emily absolutely loved every bit of it and she could fluently read it on her own.

Harrison visits the zoo another great story filled with adventure also easy to follow and kept him engaged the whole time. which for 2 year old is fantastic as there attention spans and somewhat limited. This is the most requested book in the house atm even caught Emily reading it to him once or twice which is adorable. They have been crazy this past week I won’t lie.I approciate the fact they love a good story and it settles them when there being asbo kids.

I think these, as well as the other stories on the website, are a wonderful buy. I would highly recommend as a birthday or Christmas gift. I know as a child I would of loved them so much.

Head over to their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dinkleboogifts/ and a take a look you wont be disappointed. If you dont have Instagram here is a link to there website where you will not only find these lovely stories but and array of wonderful gifts https://www.dinkleboo.com/uk/?sntp=instagram&sncp=offer18 there are also quite a few sale items too.


To be the center of a storybook universe , In such endearing colourful books really ignites a passion for reading. Thanks for reading  Jade xx

Super-woman superhero therapy by DR Janina Scarlet book review #AD

Hi all, hope you are well during this worrying time. many of you know I really struggle with anxiety and going out. I have probably tried everything to manage it and be a bit more me.  anxiety, depression and mental health problems can make you feel alone, vulnerable and like you different from everybody else but statistically, 1-5 women suffer from common disorders like anxiety and depression which is shocking but not surprising. Many of us may not fully understand why we feel this way or like me, I know why but despite my best efforts nothing could be done which has made me spiral back to a few of my negative ways this year hasn’t it been a great one ay! One thing I can do is help myself and with that, I’ve found an amazing book which has come into my life at the perfect time.

I have kindly been gifted a copy of Super-woman superhero therapy for woman battling depression, anxiety and trauma. Written by Dr Janina scarlet and illustrated by Christy Jedigoddess. Dr Janina is not only a licenced clinical phycologist but also a Chernobyl survivor, who take truly unique therapy methods that empower women to use the inner battles they face and turn into the superwomen they are.




The book itself is really relatable and contains 7 woman stories all different but echo each other. There are so many moments in life that shape us to be who we are often for the best but sometimes for the worst. These moments often have trigger we may not understand but one of the many things this book does is help you to translate what you’re really feeling from your actions and thoughts. For example, I personally always feel as tho I am doing something wrong and I’m not good enough. So when/if anyone is critical or makes me feel they are, I tend to get quite sensitive or lairy. superhero therapy has helped me understand why I feel that way and how to change the negative reaction to a more positive one.

Superwoman therapy will not only help you understand your emotions but help you face them head-on. With all of the practical exercise and a lot of breaks may be needed it can be difficult to face your inner demons.  I definitely feel as though the book has made me kinder to myself and I am slowly breaking out of my negative thought patterns thanks to the way it helps me be more mindful of not only myself but other around me. I can feel my relationships becoming stronger and I know what people need from me and I need from them emotionally.  Time will only tell my biggest stressor is going out which atm I cannot due to the C19 word we don’t mention on this blog.  I do think I will be able to go out like a normal person and have reduced anxiety level which, to be honest, is something I want and my children. We stay in a lot I feel bad for them but at the same time we cannot afford lots of expensive days so I shouldn’t be guilty or beating myself up over it my inner superwoman doesn’t need to beat herself up about things out of her control.

What I loved about super-woman therapy was that  I could work at my own pace with no restrictions no judgment and in my own space. It is also nice to know if I  slip again I have got it on the shelf waiting with my very own support group. This book is an amazing obviously change isn’t going to happen overnight but superwoman therapy,  all it characters and some work from yourself you can feel better without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You can buy a copy  (HERE)if you’d like to not sponsored but I really do believe in the book and its author who is an award winner and from reading superwoman superhero t truly understand why. It will be such a help to so many after reading I do not feel as trapped by my own thoughts and negative behaviours.


Thank you for reading and I truly hope you are well.

Stay safe

Jade the super-woman x






DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this book for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinion are my own. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.


Emily Watadventure personalised book review (GIFTED)

hi all, me again I’ve got something extra exciting to share with you today just in time for Christmas. As many of you will already know Emily loves to read and to be read too so when I heard about the WATADVENTURE personalised books9  knew it was for us and couldn’t wait to review. Since the book it has arrived just a couple of days ago Emily hasn’t put it down I chose the latest adventure in the collection  “EMILY IS BLUE FOX FROM THE SEWER TO THE STARS: THE RISE OF THE WATADEVENTURERS”.



The story’s from our Emily is blue fox is wonderful not only is it fun and engaging it’s also very educational and practical which I love. The stories are written like comic strips and revolve around saving our earth which is what we are trying to do as a family so its nice to show Emily why we do what we do the recycling and not using any single used plastics that kind of thing won’t go too eco on you yet but you get what I mean… I hope. On that note id like to mention the book itself is very high-quality hardcover (softcover also available)  that was made in the UK and with sustainably forested paper.

A little peek inside the illustrations are amazing.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our watadventure book and can’t wait to order the rest of the collection which includes:

  • WatAdventure Map of Australia – A hand illustrated map of Australia for children detailing the stunning sites in remarkable details so that they can learn in a fun and interactive environment.

  • Children’s Bedtime Adventure Story Book: WatAdventure in Australia – A great bedtime story for your kids packed with fun and adventure as you journey through Australia learning about its stunning landscape, cities and animals.

  • Children’s Bedtime Story Book – Brexit Explained For Kids – ‘I Want To Leave This Book!’“I want to leave this book” breaks down Brexit into a kids story about choice, democracy and why it’s important to understand one another. Only £9.99.

All look equally enjoyable and can easily be personalised with name and selection of a character that represents your child on the WATADVENTURES website https://shop.watadventure.com/ . You can use code BLACKFRIDAY20 to get 20% off at checkout think only valid it the black Friday sale so snap them up whilst you can any child would love to be the star of there own story with an extra special present under the tree.


we have really enjoyed our reviewing Watadventure we hope you have too. Emily has requested more for Christmas which make me smile and has shown me how much she loves the book. For your chance to win your own copy check out my Instagram post-@mummyandmex2 follow like and tag a friend commenting who the books for a winner will be picked on 4th of December 2019 sorry if your too late keep an eye out for more fun comps good luck.

Thanks for reading xx





Disclaimer I was gifted this book for review purposes but all opinions are my own and I will genuinely be buying more for my little bookworm.