Free online learning resources for children and adults.

Hi everyone short one today thought id just share a few online resources, I have come across this few weeks. We did have a pack from the school but Emily has completed it she loves to learn. I’m actually really enjoying it but have the worry we will run out of ideas. We don’t have a strict schedule a little every day as well as some of these online activities below I’ve listed the ones we like and a few bonus entries at the end. We have been self-isolating for the past 5 weeks and defiantly will come in handy for the foreseeable until we can all resume our normal lives I for one appreciate the extra time with the children and I’m so proud of them not once have they complained although we have had a few tears and tantrums this has been a huge change for them for everyone globally at the moment if we all stick together and follow the guidelines it’ll be ok just focus on now and hope for a better future.

Free Learning sites for children

These are for mainly primary school ages children but I have added one or two for older children too all are free and easily accessible if an app version is available I will list that too.

Math factor can be customised to your child age free until the schools open:

For key stage 2 free online lessons from Atom, learning choose the free option:

Free Courses for adults

The open university has a great selection of free online courses to help keep your mind busy or to simply learn something new or to brush up on old skills to help you get through this isolation time. I’ve personally done a fair few.

Alison free online learning Really great selection ive done a couple on here too.

Vision to learn  Not as many available but still useful and great for keeping your mind busy.

(will add more when i find them)


ZOO –           CHESTER Z00 –  watch via a live link (times from there Facebook page.)

10:00 Red pandas 🐼
11:00 Rothschild’s giraffes 🦒
12:00  Asian elephants 🐘
13:00  Butterflies 🦋
14:00 Sun bears 🐻
14:30 Sumatran tigers 🐅
15:00  Humboldt penguins 🐧
16:00 Aquarium* 🐠

You can also watch on youtube at a more convenient time I subscribed so we don’t miss out(Here).



(will be adding more these are all I’ve looked at for now)


Online ballet classes :

Hopefully, these will be helpful for you and your family and you’re all staying safe if you have come across any online resources you’ve found useful please comment below. This is a very uncertain time but we can make the best of it  WEVE got this!

Thanks for reading

Jade x

Ps will be updating as i find more resources .

disclaimer:  nothing in this post is sponsored there merely resources I have come across and decided to share with you.

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