Harrisons first week of preschool

Hi all,  Harrison’s first day of preschool was this week, well settling in I am filled with emotions. I’ve said for weeks I can’t wait for the break but now it’s actually time for him to go I’m quite sad. He seems to have changed overnight from my not so tiny 9.5 baby to a preschooler who is sleeping through talking and being my little helper he likes to load the washing machine and put things in the bin …better watch that habit lol.

He’s started the very same class with the same teachers Emily had which is lovely. Emily still goes on about her best teacher Sylvia. I know he will love it as much as she did. It has been very weird leaving him for 3 hours a day on Thursday and Friday his first full days they weren’t supposed to start till the 20th but all the kids did so well it was sooner. I am beyond proud he is settling in well he wouldn’t take off his hat or coat day one or two but the first day I left him properly he had. I was very happy as it meant he was happy and felt confident. which as parents is all we want for our kids.

I had huge plans for my first days of freedom I was going to do all my housework, reorganise everything but in reality, all I did was watch tv, talk to Liam and have a hot cup of tea or ten countings down the time till pick up time which is perfectly fine in my eyes 5 years of non-stop parenting merits a few hours off if you ask me. I missed him so much Emily too but I’m used to her going and she’s happy and confident at school so I know she’s ok apart from all the accident forms I get 3/5 days this week clumsy like me oops. I started to feel quite sad like I wasn’t needed anymore then I felt stupid because of course, they need me I’m their mother.

The change for me even been a huge shock to the system even tho it is literally day 2 of full sessions. I will definitely be more productive next week maybe even pop out for a browse in the shops uninterrupted. It’s almost like I need to learn how to be me again! I might even be able to push myself more to overcome this overwhelming anxiety which has been known to send me loopy and keep me in a lot which isn’t helping at all.

The change for Harrison has been huge as well since id say his birthday in November he has really come out of his shell learning so quickly Emily and me have been teaching him shapes, colours and he’s somehow learnt all the body parts as well as counting to 8. His teachers were very impressed with him they commented how much he is like his sister she was a little clever clog too which is amazing he’s like a little squidgy cute sponge just like her I’m lucky too happy, healthy smart children. I’m pleased he’s so happy going and towards the end of the week he was excited wanting to get dressed and leave to go although getting him to eat is a right pain in the bum can’t force him don’t want him to starve anyone who has a solution for this please dm me desperate Mumma. he is defiantly adapting well it’s still early days but wow what a great start for him. His school adventure has begun, it is exciting to think he will have his own little friends and have his own little time it that make sense. I’ll be honest I do not take the children out enough as I have my own issues but it will change this year ADVENTURES are waiting for us!

Finally, let’s talk about the effect the change has had on his behaviour after pre-school. He’s very loving when he comes out and is an absolute delight but comes 5 he tries to nap which isn’t ideal as too close to bedtime! so we’ve come up with distractions to keep him up long enough to eat and bath tho for the past few days it been extra stressful with screaming……. and a lot of it probably sounds like were murdering him but don’t worry were not, he’s just tired and it is a big change for him overwhelming I think but he’s too young to tell me, so its another guessing game just like most parenting decisions. I’m sure won’t be as bad when he used to the new routine which I think we have down now. It’s certainly the least favourite part of my day.

And that concludes our first week of rambling I mean pre-school thoughts feelings, emotion and change. Today is Saturday we having a PJ day and reflecting on our week how has yours gone? how did pre-school make you feel comment below id love to hear your stories too ❤ thanks for reading

Jade x

















system and will probably take some getting used to




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