How To Make Learning Fun For Kids

According to research, when children get access to as little as 15 minutes of playtime, some of that time will be used to learn some mathematical and spatial principles. It shows us that children do not only learn from books and organised class sessions. With this in mind, as a parent, do not hesitate to allow your kids to learn using different approaches. Below are a few ways to assist your kids in studying and having fun at the same time.

Create a game

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Your kids will be able to learn easier and faster when they have some sort of a game version of their lessons. It will help them have fun while studying at home and make them look forward to the next study session. Even with adults, you will notice that it is a lot easier to remember words from a puzzle as compared to words encountered while flipping through the pages of a dictionary or encyclopedia. So, consider turning your kids’ lessons into games such as puzzles, riddles, flashcards, board games, etc. Games come with a sense of achievement and pleasure, so allow your children to indulge in them.

Mix up your kids studies with other fun activities 

For both adults and children, it is easier to study when you are looking forward to some exciting breaks to keep you refreshed. Sometimes, the mere fact that you get to do something of interest during your break helps to keep you alert during your study session. These may include watching a few minutes or more of your favourite movie, quickly checking out social media updates or engaging in a hobby. 

The key to these switches is to know the right amount of time to break for. Also, for children, you should consider monitoring their breaks since they may not have developed the self-discipline to do so. This is because some children may find it difficult to return to studies when they have prolonged breaks. Therefore, it would be best to study their concentration patterns and get to know which period works best for them.

Have a change of environment 

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It can get very boring for most people when they do not change scenery while studying. So as a parent, you can help your kids study by encouraging or helping them to switch up the scenery while studying. The change may involve moving from one room to the other at home or moving from an indoor space into an outdoor area such as a porch or even the park. 

Try to encourage your children of all ages, for example, your college or high school level kids to partake in study trips. For instance, UK study trips serve as a great platform for students to learn about history related to locations while enjoying sceneries. A child who is taught something on a study trip is more likely to recollect what they were taught. This is because a lot of people recollect better when they study by association. This association may be with scenes, events, sounds, smells, etc.

Studying is not supposed to feel like a chore considering the many benefits it comes with. However, it may begin to feel like a chore depending on the approach you use. As a parent, help your kids not just tolerate but also enjoy their studies by trying out the above tips or any others you are comfortable with. Lastly, keep in mind that no matter how silly your approach may seem, all that matters is that you get the desired results.

Homeschooling week 2 2021

Hi all hope your doing well .Well what a week started off well i must say towards the end of the week however we had a inset day and friday was one huge meltown everyone was crying an at the end of their teather. After it all kicked off i sat feeling guilty for a while then realised we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and as for emily that little learner just needs to listen. Ive noticed alot this week on social media how hard were all being on ourselves and down in the comments some amazing mummas are reassuring and supporting each other. Its been lovely to see something positive come out of all this mayhem everyones willingness to support and sometimes we all just need a moan and to compare what our lunatic children have been getting up too. Its really does make me realise how much we miss the school runs seeing everyone the normality of it all is what i look forward to the most miss your faces.

All in all the school work went well i think haha short one this week lets hope we have a better time this week its all about ajusting and perfecting the routines for us this week we need some kind of normal.

thanks for reading

Jade x

Harrisons first week of preschool

Hi all,  Harrison’s first day of preschool was this week, well settling in I am filled with emotions. I’ve said for weeks I can’t wait for the break but now it’s actually time for him to go I’m quite sad. He seems to have changed overnight from my not so tiny 9.5 baby to a preschooler who is sleeping through talking and being my little helper he likes to load the washing machine and put things in the bin …better watch that habit lol.

He’s started the very same class with the same teachers Emily had which is lovely. Emily still goes on about her best teacher Sylvia. I know he will love it as much as she did. It has been very weird leaving him for 3 hours a day on Thursday and Friday his first full days they weren’t supposed to start till the 20th but all the kids did so well it was sooner. I am beyond proud he is settling in well he wouldn’t take off his hat or coat day one or two but the first day I left him properly he had. I was very happy as it meant he was happy and felt confident. which as parents is all we want for our kids.

I had huge plans for my first days of freedom I was going to do all my housework, reorganise everything but in reality, all I did was watch tv, talk to Liam and have a hot cup of tea or ten countings down the time till pick up time which is perfectly fine in my eyes 5 years of non-stop parenting merits a few hours off if you ask me. I missed him so much Emily too but I’m used to her going and she’s happy and confident at school so I know she’s ok apart from all the accident forms I get 3/5 days this week clumsy like me oops. I started to feel quite sad like I wasn’t needed anymore then I felt stupid because of course, they need me I’m their mother.

The change for me even been a huge shock to the system even tho it is literally day 2 of full sessions. I will definitely be more productive next week maybe even pop out for a browse in the shops uninterrupted. It’s almost like I need to learn how to be me again! I might even be able to push myself more to overcome this overwhelming anxiety which has been known to send me loopy and keep me in a lot which isn’t helping at all.

The change for Harrison has been huge as well since id say his birthday in November he has really come out of his shell learning so quickly Emily and me have been teaching him shapes, colours and he’s somehow learnt all the body parts as well as counting to 8. His teachers were very impressed with him they commented how much he is like his sister she was a little clever clog too which is amazing he’s like a little squidgy cute sponge just like her I’m lucky too happy, healthy smart children. I’m pleased he’s so happy going and towards the end of the week he was excited wanting to get dressed and leave to go although getting him to eat is a right pain in the bum can’t force him don’t want him to starve anyone who has a solution for this please dm me desperate Mumma. he is defiantly adapting well it’s still early days but wow what a great start for him. His school adventure has begun, it is exciting to think he will have his own little friends and have his own little time it that make sense. I’ll be honest I do not take the children out enough as I have my own issues but it will change this year ADVENTURES are waiting for us!

Finally, let’s talk about the effect the change has had on his behaviour after pre-school. He’s very loving when he comes out and is an absolute delight but comes 5 he tries to nap which isn’t ideal as too close to bedtime! so we’ve come up with distractions to keep him up long enough to eat and bath tho for the past few days it been extra stressful with screaming……. and a lot of it probably sounds like were murdering him but don’t worry were not, he’s just tired and it is a big change for him overwhelming I think but he’s too young to tell me, so its another guessing game just like most parenting decisions. I’m sure won’t be as bad when he used to the new routine which I think we have down now. It’s certainly the least favourite part of my day.

And that concludes our first week of rambling I mean pre-school thoughts feelings, emotion and change. Today is Saturday we having a PJ day and reflecting on our week how has yours gone? how did pre-school make you feel comment below id love to hear your stories too ❤ thanks for reading

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system and will probably take some getting used to



A truthful birth story ! (long read)

It was the 9th of October 2013 when I found out I was going to be a first-time mother I was filled with a sense that it wasn’t real was it shock was it dread who knows. The strangest part was Liam told me I was pregnant how could he tell and I couldn’t. So we did the obvious and bought a pregnancy test nervous but very excited yet terrified at the same time. This brings me to the first thing people don’t tell you pregnancy test are very expensive at this point in my life id never bought one or needed too but I had seen a clear blue advert on TV so that what we went for at a pricey £10 for a single test.

Then comes the first scan you feel so many emotions mine was mainly shocked i recall saying to Liam shes in there which is strange considering the positive pregnancy test.  Throughout the rest of my pregnancy it was magical ….. apart from the horrific birth story’s people would tell you which I’m pretty sure they think it is hilarious but as a first-time mum I was terrified.  Then there is the not sleeping because you need to pee all night making you super happy and not at all an expectant mother. Then to top that off you might get spd ( Symphysis pubis dysfunction) which is even more fun than all the horror stories. When your really “LUCKY” like I was you’ll be 2 weeks overdue sick of all things pregnancy and you so ready for your beautiful baby to arrive you get a lovely stretch and sweep if you don’t know what that is yippee for you wish I didn’t work for me at all. I tried everything to bring on my labour but it took 3 sweeps, very hot curry and a very bumpy car ride not sure what worked. Then my waters broke in my sleep wasn’t too bad but wasn’t sure if it just wet the bed did anyone tell you that the pressure of pregnancy makes that even more possible good luck after too when you sneeze if you don’t clench you might get a not so nice surprise.

Now for the birth, the easy part of my story happened so fast my body went in to shock 30 min of active labour had about 10 contractions when she was out. I  pushed too soon because midwife didn’t expect Emily to come so fast and was busy doing the paperwork about 6 minutes after Liam parked Emily was born and strangely I don’t recall much pain but don’t really know what was going on either abit of a messy but magical blur.

The very first time I held Emily in my arms she did a massive poo on me hows that for an introduction.  *warning gross bit coming after the next star* I didn’t get along with her because id managed to get 3rd degree tear which I’m told is bad I was carted off to have a lot of stitches, I ended up in a cold theatre with a whole room of people looking at my privates dignity is well and truly out the window at this point and to be frank I didn’t give a flying F**k I just created life.  I’m led there with this bright light shining right in my face and all I can think is ffs I can’t stop shaking the nurse told me it was because I had lost a lot of blood they would take me for something soon a whole hour later that felt like a lifetime.

When was finally taken back to be reunited my terrified looking Liam they had told him id be gone for 10 mins and left him with a crying hungry baby all alone GREAT start to parenthood he thought I was dead because there was so much blood. The best part for us was the happy healthy baby girl at a whopping 8 pound 8 ounces no wonder I needed stitches YIKES (i thought she was bad wait till you hear about her brother).  When they moved me to the ward I was still shaking and just wanted to go home but nope thanks to the catheter and the amount of blood I lost had to stay. I spent most of my time in hospital feeding emily changing her staring at her so long my eyes were dry but that could have been the tears of happiness that kept coming.  Then the food cravings came  so when visitor asked to come both myself and Liam were like yes please bring food meaning subway or some other substance that would fill us up and they brought chocolate and crisps yummy but never been so disappointed in my life ( moral of this part of the story pack some food pot noodles or those john west steam pots you just add hot water).  After a  night of no sleep worrying someone would steal Emily I was allowed to go home thank god. I needed my bed. However, the bag of meds I had to take home was surprising who knew you need a jab (to stop blood clots self administer eek), pain killers and who knew the heartburn would stay after the baby was born not me.

When we got home all the family were there to greet us was very lovely but part of me wanted to be selfish and see them a few days after the birth (which is okay to feel that way your baby your rules) let it all settle down. It was lovely to see how much love there was for her when everyone had met her and had a cuddle. Liams wonderful nan sent us down a cottage pie which was the first proper meal we had in days and was like feeding time at the zoo haha (batch cook and freeze meals before giving birth will help so much post ).

Healing after the birth didn’t take long I did have to sit on a rubber ring for a few days and having a wee was eye-watering, to say the least. There are lots of appointments and visitors and to be honest, the first week is a bit crazy but once you get into a routine everything gets back to normal the adventure really starts a fun filled magical journey you forget all the mayhem.  Before you know it your daughter is nearly five and she has a brother called Harrison (9 pounds 5 who knew the second could be bigger again not me).  and I think we’re crazy enough to consider having a third. Being a parent it is so worth it a few days/weeks/months of pain for a lifetime of happiness some times it’ll be hard and you’ll be tired and at times ruin someones day by giving them the wrong cup but its all part of the fun ❤


thanks for reading  x