Homeschooling week 2 2021

Hi all hope your doing well .Well what a week started off well i must say towards the end of the week however we had a inset day and friday was one huge meltown everyone was crying an at the end of their teather. After it all kicked off i sat feeling guilty for a while then realised we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and as for emily that little learner just needs to listen. Ive noticed alot this week on social media how hard were all being on ourselves and down in the comments some amazing mummas are reassuring and supporting each other. Its been lovely to see something positive come out of all this mayhem everyones willingness to support and sometimes we all just need a moan and to compare what our lunatic children have been getting up too. Its really does make me realise how much we miss the school runs seeing everyone the normality of it all is what i look forward to the most miss your faces.

All in all the school work went well i think haha short one this week lets hope we have a better time this week its all about ajusting and perfecting the routines for us this week we need some kind of normal.

thanks for reading

Jade x

free homeschooling resourses 2021

Hi everyone short one today thought id just share a few online resources, I have come across this few weeks. We have work from the school but last week some wouldnt load we found our own and hoped for the best. I’m actually really enjoying it but have the worry we will run out of ideas. We don’t have a strict schedule a little every day as well as some of these online activities below I’ve listed the ones we like and a few bonus entries at the end. I must admit i didnt think 2021 was gunna begin like this but i suppose we must make the best of a crappy situation. These resourses will defiantly come in handy for the foreseeable until we can all resume our normal lives. I’m so proud of my children not once have they complained although we have had a few tears and tantrums this has been a huge change for them for everyone globally at the moment if we all stick together and follow the guidelines it’ll be ok just focus on now and hope for a better future.

Free Learning sites for children

These are for mainly primary school ages children but I have added one or two for older children too all are free and easily accessible if an app version is available I will list that too.

BBC bitesize a range of subjects for all ages :e

Math factor can be customised to your child age free until the schools open:

For key stage 2 free online lessons from Atom, learning choose the free option:

Free Courses for adults

The open university has a great selection of free online courses to help keep your mind busy or to simply learn something new or to brush up on old skills to help you get through this isolation time. I’ve personally done a fair few.

Alison free online learning Really great selection ive done a couple on here too.

Vision to learn  Not as many available but still useful and great for keeping your mind busy.

(will add more when i find them)

You can also watch on youtube at a more convenient time I subscribed so we don’t miss out(Here).



(will be adding more these are all I’ve looked at for now)


PE WITH JOE WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND HIM this time round you wont beat me mate haha.

Online ballet classes :

Hopefully, these will be helpful for you and your family and you’re all staying safe if you have come across any online resources you’ve found useful please comment below. This is a very uncertain time but we can make the best of it  WEVE got this!

Thanks for reading

Jade x

Ps will be updating as i find more resources .

disclaimer:  nothing in this post is sponsored there merely resources I have come across and decided to share with you i will be adding more through the weeks feb half term is a while away yet.

Homeschooling week 1 2021

Hi everyone hope your well. Let me start by say wow what a whirlwind 2021 has turnt into I don’t think any of us though we’d be here again but I’m im trying to look on the bright side. This week has been quite testing and quite frankly I don’t think I’m the best teacher but we’ve been having a good go.

Emily was due to go back to school Tuesday we had lots of tears and tantrums because at six she just can’t comprehend why this is happening again. I’ve spent this week trying to console her and make the best of the situation many of us are in. I’ve created a sort of routine by planning out each day making we’ve got some fun stuff as well as learning I’ve found this time round we’ve found a much better balance. I have been to hard on us and our capabilities and I’m still filled with anxiety and doubt we’re doing a good enough job but we’re sticking to it best we can.

Wednesday was our first proper homeschooling day on Tuesday I let the kids have free reign before it all had to get serious which I feel was a good decision for us and everything seems to plan out. Back to Wednesday I tried to create a calm non stressful learning environment I put away all the unnecessary technology and turned off the tv. I set Emily up with some home-learning book which we already had left over from the last time and read through the work I had been sent. The school kindly sent over a work with a time table which for the most part we stuck too but some wouldn’t load… thanks sky and your brilliant connection not! We managed to get through it took us a very long time but we got there in the end.

Thursday I woke up feeling like death thank you to my lovely monthly surprise that make me feel so ill so we didn’t do much work but we focused on reading and phonics. I did feel quilt by the end of the day and felt angry at myself for not doing more. It wasn’t until the evening and I finally sat down I thought to myself you did your best isn’t the end of the world I think throughout all this we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves it’s ok to have a bad day.

Friday back to normal learning still felt like death but was alot better. We managed all the school work and Emily even read me a chapter of George’s marvellous medicine I was so impressed at how confident her reading has become and her willingness to learn. It really showed me how resilient and how well she has been able to adapt through all of of this pandemic I’m feeling very proud and I’m looking forward to Monday when we start a new week. I’ll be sharing all the resources I’ve come across tommorow evening all free of course us parents have to stick together and support each other.

How did your first week of homeschooling go and what are your top tips for getting stuff done through this lockdown. Thanks for reading and I hope you all safe and well.

Jade x

Homeschooling day 4

Hi everyone,  hope you’re doing ok. we’ve been doing our best to maintain some normality but in reality, it’s proving quite difficult. I think the best approach for us is little and often luckily for me, Emily loves to learn. I have come across quite a few online resources ill be sharing with you on Sunday.

Our activities

  • first aid been washing my hand and cleaning so much they are splitting so I showed Emily how to clean a cut and add a plaster she did well and enjoyed doing it.
  • A bit of maths luckily my maths is better than my spelling so doing times tables, adding subtracting is quite fun to do with Emily and for Harrison were just working on counting we’ve gone from 8 to 10 in 3 days. They also enjoy watching number blocks which I think is helping you can find it on youtube quite easily.
  • PE with joe well I am 100 per cent sure my legs are going to fall off after yesterday but ill keep going the kids were quite funny and sat down for a well-earned rest after we didn’t manage the full session but its a start and my legs are jellies still so did something. we found his upbeat personality.
  • English Emily did a few pages from her pack she does really well with them. we also read a book and sang nursery rhymes with Harrison he’s very good at following the actions hopefully hell start listening to me soon.


We didn’t do too much I want the children to have lots of fun times too. I want to enjoy this time with them. Yes, we all drive each other mad and probably yell too much mainly me it’s very frustrating at times for all of us. The children do not really understand why they cannot go out so trying to be being patient and praying all this goes away soon is the best we’ve got. I will admit to you I’ve hidden from my children in the bathroom a few times and let them sit on youtube more than I probably should, but we’re doing out best and I think we’ve found whats works for us but that may change. Each family is different there’s no wrong or right atm as long as we’re doing our best were doing ok.

In 20 years time, we will all look at this and hopefully remember the good stuff rather than bad and have a photo album full of pictures of all the fun stuff we’ve managed to do during this time.  Take this time to do things we may have always wanted to do but have been to busy obviously some cannot be done now but it may help put life into perspective I know it has for me.

Now back to what this post was really about teaching the kids I will have a full post on the online resources up Sunday and I’ve also found some free online learning course for the adults I will be adding too. Never to old to learn and would be a great way to focus on something you can control. Thanks for reading and thank you to all my friends and family for the support you all give to us I appreciate every one of you ❤ and to the NHS staff and key workers thanks for all you do you are all hero’s  and we will clap for you every Thursday at 8 x


Jade x


Homeschooling day 1

Hi, everyone hopes you are doing well. Today was our first day of homeschooling didn’t quite go as planned but don’t think anything in the world is atm so won’t beat myself up over it have a much better plan for tomorrow. That, however, depending on a very bad student named Harrison haha he’s 2 and doesn’t quite get it tho we have learnt some new shapes today and how to do head shoulders knees and toes was adorable until we stopped and had a 30min meltdown any advice for surviving the terrible twos welcome.

Emily was star pupil smashed her work the school kindly provided tho she did ten pages and wanted to do more she loves it. She wrote a story and from it, I was able to identify words she couldn’t spell hello spelling test after this she did some times table then read me a book out loud it was really nice to see what she was able to do I was proud I must admit. I am always proud of them but they can be very testing at times but so can’t walking bag of hormones over here prone to spiralling and being stubborn wonder where they get it from haha.

Over the next few days/weeks, I’m going to be testing out apps and free resources and will not only be using myself but ill share with you too. We need to stick together during this time we will not mention the c-word it’s now worse than he who must not be named being named. If anyone has any amazing apps or sites please comment below all help welcome.

We in the UK are on 3-week lockdown as of tonight we should make the best of it and enjoy the time we have with our families. Yes,  it will be hard at times but appreciate it because many peoples lives will be changed forever. All we have to do is stay in for a few weeks riding the storm it’ll be bumpy but it’s not every day you get told to stay at home and do nothing for a few weeks.

stay safe ❤ Thank you to all the key workers who are working so hard to keep the country going and thank you to all my supportive family and friends who make me feel better when I’m spiralling love you all and I’m always here for all of you as you are for me thanks for reading and talk soon.

Jade x

Learning with recycled materials

Hi, all today I and my daughter Emily have been using empty cereal boxes to make learning cards. She really wants to be able to read to herself which really does make me proud. probably quite self-explanatory but you just need some cardboard or paper, a pen or pencil and some scissors. Given the worlds current situation thought this might be useful will be trying out lots of homeschool apps today and will be posting another blog tomorrow.


I dunno if this is going to work but it is worth a go. I wrote on the cards id pre-cut ten simple words for her to try to read with the word sounded out underneath as she gets better I will add more when she’s ready she’s quite good she will tell you when she’s ready to bless her.


Emily’s pretty good at writing already so we didn’t make any but you could make cards with certain words on and get them to copy onto a piece of paper but I think next time we have some free time we will practice a few new words as she loves to learn.

we also like to write words on paper and Emily copies them usually without pictures but today I was teaching her about different types of houses she asked why we lived in houses on top of each other and have no chimney lol

copying mummy

Telling the time

We used some blue paper but you could use anything you have lying around really  I’ve only been doing on the hour atm as Emily is only 4 I don’t wanna be a pushy parent haha.  I simply just hand drew some circles and made them into very wonky clocks aha then wrote underneath the time with a little key at the top with what each hand is telling them. You can do the same for half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour when you feel your child is ready :D.

learning the o’clock

I am not a teacher just a parent trying to help my daughter in a fun way without having to buy a rather expensive flashcard and using the abundance of packing we seem to end up with double win really I hope you have fun with your little ones if you decide to give them a go 😀 How do you help your little ones with their learning ?? I’ll be adding post like these when I can as they’re lots of fun what do you think is a good thing to teach them away from school? Thanks for reading x

Harrisons first week of preschool

Hi all,  Harrison’s first day of preschool was this week, well settling in I am filled with emotions. I’ve said for weeks I can’t wait for the break but now it’s actually time for him to go I’m quite sad. He seems to have changed overnight from my not so tiny 9.5 baby to a preschooler who is sleeping through talking and being my little helper he likes to load the washing machine and put things in the bin …better watch that habit lol.

He’s started the very same class with the same teachers Emily had which is lovely. Emily still goes on about her best teacher Sylvia. I know he will love it as much as she did. It has been very weird leaving him for 3 hours a day on Thursday and Friday his first full days they weren’t supposed to start till the 20th but all the kids did so well it was sooner. I am beyond proud he is settling in well he wouldn’t take off his hat or coat day one or two but the first day I left him properly he had. I was very happy as it meant he was happy and felt confident. which as parents is all we want for our kids.

I had huge plans for my first days of freedom I was going to do all my housework, reorganise everything but in reality, all I did was watch tv, talk to Liam and have a hot cup of tea or ten countings down the time till pick up time which is perfectly fine in my eyes 5 years of non-stop parenting merits a few hours off if you ask me. I missed him so much Emily too but I’m used to her going and she’s happy and confident at school so I know she’s ok apart from all the accident forms I get 3/5 days this week clumsy like me oops. I started to feel quite sad like I wasn’t needed anymore then I felt stupid because of course, they need me I’m their mother.

The change for me even been a huge shock to the system even tho it is literally day 2 of full sessions. I will definitely be more productive next week maybe even pop out for a browse in the shops uninterrupted. It’s almost like I need to learn how to be me again! I might even be able to push myself more to overcome this overwhelming anxiety which has been known to send me loopy and keep me in a lot which isn’t helping at all.

The change for Harrison has been huge as well since id say his birthday in November he has really come out of his shell learning so quickly Emily and me have been teaching him shapes, colours and he’s somehow learnt all the body parts as well as counting to 8. His teachers were very impressed with him they commented how much he is like his sister she was a little clever clog too which is amazing he’s like a little squidgy cute sponge just like her I’m lucky too happy, healthy smart children. I’m pleased he’s so happy going and towards the end of the week he was excited wanting to get dressed and leave to go although getting him to eat is a right pain in the bum can’t force him don’t want him to starve anyone who has a solution for this please dm me desperate Mumma. he is defiantly adapting well it’s still early days but wow what a great start for him. His school adventure has begun, it is exciting to think he will have his own little friends and have his own little time it that make sense. I’ll be honest I do not take the children out enough as I have my own issues but it will change this year ADVENTURES are waiting for us!

Finally, let’s talk about the effect the change has had on his behaviour after pre-school. He’s very loving when he comes out and is an absolute delight but comes 5 he tries to nap which isn’t ideal as too close to bedtime! so we’ve come up with distractions to keep him up long enough to eat and bath tho for the past few days it been extra stressful with screaming……. and a lot of it probably sounds like were murdering him but don’t worry were not, he’s just tired and it is a big change for him overwhelming I think but he’s too young to tell me, so its another guessing game just like most parenting decisions. I’m sure won’t be as bad when he used to the new routine which I think we have down now. It’s certainly the least favourite part of my day.

And that concludes our first week of rambling I mean pre-school thoughts feelings, emotion and change. Today is Saturday we having a PJ day and reflecting on our week how has yours gone? how did pre-school make you feel comment below id love to hear your stories too ❤ thanks for reading

Jade x

















system and will probably take some getting used to