December 2019 wins

Hi everyone one , happy new year hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and great New Year’s Eve fun. This month was very slow for me I was nearing 200 a day for the first 12 days and around 80 a day until the end of advent. I resumed normal comping after Boxing Day tho I admit I have a comping addiction even on Xmas eve and Boxing Day evening I could resist entering a few final comps was a great way to wind down.

An instant win of a one-pot cookbook from Filippo Beria.

Another instant win this time from nestle a stormtrooper cereal unit think this may still be running. Went into Emily’s stocking she loves it knew she would.

Another instant from the Iggle piggle advent was a colouring sheet Harrison liked it.

A lovely Facebook non-advent win from oxeygen freejumping of the Playmobil movies and Christmas stocking of movie merch Emily was so chuffed and Harrison loved the cup and T-shirt there so good at Sharing most of the time hehe.


A painting on Instagram so lovely ,  wish I had that kind of talent 😊.

Next was an amazing ps1 bundle I’ve gifted to Liam for Christmas has been so fun playing the old games with our kids thank you to games4eva on Facebook we love this prize and they kindly added a couple of extras as well as a memory card and second controller.

A fab bundle of Christmas books and little dish dinners won on Instagram from the little dish will keep Harrison going a while we gave a few away as we had a lot and it’s nice to share.

A lovely bundle of beauty products from a fellow blogger mummy_overload and random comment picker really wanted this one a little treat for meπŸ˜‚.

Now this was a huge win and I’m πŸ’― percent sure I’m the best niece ever aren’t I uncle nick πŸ˜› I won two hospitality tickets to Bristol city can’t wait for him to enjoy them MERRY CHRISTMAS I simply tagged him and said I’d like to win as he took me to my first match so I’d like to win for him and I did Yay. This was a Facebook advent win from butcombe brewery in Bristol.

A lovely mini tea party prize from Disney junior on FB I think it’s this one but could be any my FB notifications have gone nuts by this point of the month lol either way very grateful the Disney tea party is moth Tuesday mornings at eleven if you fancy having a go.

And lastly I’ve won a stocking full of lilets which I’m going to donate to the local children’s centre and food bank :).

A very nice month for wins I feel very lucky can’t wait to see what the new year brings happy new year and have a lucky 2020 xx

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