JUNE 19 Wins x

Me again this month marks six months of my mummy and me x2 šŸ˜®  I’ve been comping like a madwoman Emily turns 5 next month well this month on the 7th now and she needs presents lol I’ve managed to win the party at air-hop the invites have gone out and all is sorted pizza and they’ve thrown in balloons and mascots extra just for Emily which is so sweet wins like this will be unforgettable for the children Disney next hopefully šŸ™‚ Now for the wins

My first win of June was from Evans on facebooks every Tuesday they giveaway a pair of shoes each week on Tuesday #Shoesday you just have to say which pair is your favourite.


My Second win was some dried flowers on Instagram myself and the Instagram queen Sharon won together again which is lovely šŸ™‚


3rd win some lovely craft paper for me and a friend the lovely denise I think me you and Sharon bring each other luck:D

My fourth win was a surprise as I thought ended and winners announced on the sixth a Mars text comp so for the huge cost of 12p I will be the lucky owner off

4 England football tops , 4 hoodies , 4 hats , a gym bag son flags and scarfs and Harrison’s fave prize a ballllll which I know he will shout in excitement when it arrives.

Not many wins to report but very greatful for what we receive finally getting back into the swing of things after another hectic month Cheer to July best month yest I’ve decided hehe xx

Thanks for reading xx


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