Lindziclip review

This week we were excited to review our first ever PR box from lindziclips. I don’t think I’ve ever seen emily grin so hard think it’s the prospect of having her hair look nice I’m not the greatest at hair and hers is a beautiful golden blonde long and very fine not easy to do I must admit. We are very excited to try some new styles with these fun and practical clips.

Linziclip is not like traditional claw clips they have a brilliant flat back which makes them extra comfortable. Their flat teeth and back there’s no digging in at all. The linziclips really grip onto the hair well which is really important for Emily’s hair which is so silky smooth everything slides out and she ends up looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, as I’m sure I look like 6 days out of 7 aha. There’s also a great mix of both kids and adult clips, maxi, midi and mini.

Easy posny tail which stayed in all day woo x

Do the twist :D

Mums wonky moon buns smiles tho haha

Here are just a couple of styles I tried so easy to do and most of all my emily was happy I was finally gaining some skills. She really enjoyed the variety of clips avalibe the pretty patterns and different sizes you really do have a lot of options.

I found they were also great for my hair I could quickly clip it up and it looked like I put real effort it great in the heat we’ve had recently even if sadly it’s the muggy ness and not the sun. I can’t wait to try out some more summer styles.

Linziclips great for clipping my fringe away x

You can purchase your own Linziclips HERE and at check out there social pages for some #Hairsparsiton and where you can purchase and collect your own x

Twitter- @linziclipHair

Instagram – @Linziclip


Thanks for reading xo


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