July 19 wins

Hi, guys finally back into the swing of things hope you’ve all been very lucky 🙂

My first win of July a pair of stocking from @prettypollylegs on Instagram.

A free go on the lottery don’t know if counts but the email got me very excited though I’d won the rollover lmao there’s always next time hehe.

2 secret life of pets storage cases from kinder praying I’ve done both names or my kids are gonna be grumps haha.

Harrison’s first prize package some lovely Peter rabbit puzzles had absolutely no idea we’d won until they arrived they certainly helped with my comping mojo and the Christmas stash I did let him have one,  he just got too excited when the box came I’ve gone soft ahaha.


A now TV pass from my yummy KitKat.

A Facebook win from muddy puddles. A nice little book thinks another for Harrison tho I’m sure Emily will help.

A bagel tin

Short and sweet this month but that’s my lack of motivation and depression taking over back on form now so that’s a win in itself Winning August’s all-round good luck everyone looks forward to the unboxing maybe this month will be my first month? xx


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