Preparing for ADVENTS comper edition!

Hi everyone , as a comper advents is not only one of the most comp filled time of the year , but it can also be really stressful. I like to get organised during november to maximize my efficency and stop anthing slowing me down. Advents Below are some handy tips that should help you prepare making


1- Spend a little time each day unfollowing inactive accounts annoying , tedious and my god i wish there wasnt limits. This will stop you hitting the limit if your likeme its weekly but could potentailly stop you from getting a ban for unliking to quickly.

2- Unsubscribe to mailing list. So you dont have too many emails to sift through i get alot of junk mail annoying.

3- Plan of actions choose your site , decide how much time you have each day to comp day 1 to 5 of december are the craziest so i try to stick to one i usually use we entry and instagram but i do dabble on other sites. I find most of my advent competitions on competition database. Tho its easy enough to scroll through socials and try different hashtags do whatever works for you.

4- Christmas wish list – this is more for people who have limited time to comp during the festive season but is a bit of fun even if you not. This will help you focus on the prizes really want / need to make your christmas abit more jolly….. for me gin so ill litrally be jolly after one glass haha.

5- HAVE FUN probably the most important tip (well advice). obsessing trying to do all of the advents will not only be near impossible but so stressful try to keep it fun.

Be sure to head over to my twitter to win £49 voucher to buy someone a special gift. There will be a few festive giveaway keep a eye out or sign up to my newsletter on the side bar if you want. Lastly have very lucky december and a merry christmas!

Thanks for reading

Jade x

September wins 2020

Hi all hope your are well another small post from me just wanted to share my september wins. It has been a strange old month i just cant get focused. I managed to get a insta ban from unfollowing if there was an award for the amount of times ive hit my limit id win haha. how have your months been lucky i hope. so many great comps about atm were almost ready for the spooky halloween ones and itll be advent time before we know it. I think ill be unfollowing and unsubscribing alot this month to prepare for the madness thats coming haha.


Tea + wool from tick tok tea on instagram.

A favourites magazine for harrison ill try to add his unboxing at the end. won on facebook.

a weetabix cookbook also instagram.

a beauty bundle another instagram win.

A fabulous superthing bundle from ukmumstv which had 100 blind bags for emily to had out to her friends and a superthing powerband thing she loves it makes so much noise. this was one of emilys colouring creation wins. We handed these out at the school with a colouring sheet each so many happy little face

A lovely collection of roald dahl books as model by harrison hahaa. A rare but amazing twitter win. we will have so much fun sharing the storys together.

so eco mystery bundle on facebook.

hydro cream syrum on instagram. Tried to do an unboxing see my instagram for a fail haha.

All in all weve had another great month feel very lucky and almsot felt like birthday treats for my last two wins of the month. What has been your favourite prize this month? I have you have a spooktaculiar october and your really lucky. Thanks for reading Jade x

April 2020 wins

Hi all, hope your well.  This month has been filled with colouring comps and its turned into a family competition Emily was the winner probably bias but her colouring and drawing skills are amazing for her age now little Harrison is following suit so cute.Im currently running a competition on my Instagram to win a just eat voucher code enter below 🙂


Mum wins

  • Some skincare from an Instagram mothers day competition thank you Amanda for winning for us  and nominating me on mothers day :).img_6119
  • £10 google play voucher from find unlimited Vodaphone game.
  • £10 love2shop voucher from Underfloor heating on Facebook.
  • A Ferrero rocher easter egg for Liam on Instagram he was chuffed his fave chocolate but I’m to tight to buy it haha.img_6270
  • A really cool doorstop on Instagram thanks so much to Sharon for nominating me.img_6275
  • £15 cashback from Quidco rocks group thank you charlotte for adding me to it :)Im pretty sure that’s how I won lol.
  • An isolation tee on Instagram for myself and Olivia a great month win for you and a friend.img_6257
  • A fabulous bundle of clothes for Emily on Instagram so fun and she’s gonna be the best dressed of the family in the summer haha.img_6308
  • A keyring from Gillette. purchase and upload the receipt here

Emily wins

  • A fox magnet from a drawing competition on Facebook.img_6453
  •  A toy giraffe, Emily fox design stickers a pen and a magnet also from a drawing competition on facebook.
  • A lovely art set from aster sales on facebook lovely prize. Another easter colouring/drawing win.img_6287
  • A beautiful handmade dress for mummy on Instagram will be made and shipped after lockdown the lovely lady said she would make Emily a matching one as well so lovely another drawing competitions she drew herself in a green dress so cute.img_6300
  • A 5-pound amazon voucher. Another colouring comp the company sent all the children who took part and didn’t win a voucher so sweet of them.
  • A book from firefly publishing another easter colouring competition on twitter Emily response to a twitter win for herself  “you never win on twitter do you mummy ” shes right tho ahaha.img_6506
  • Some smarties easter chocolate the lovely lady gave to all the runners up ill add her group later I’ve forgotten the page was such a lovely gesture.img_6355

Harrison wins

  • A five-pound cashback from Quidco rocks facebook group takes, a look there doing lots of competitions atm I’ve won 2 this month.QUIDICO ROCKS GROUP LINK.
  • A really cute bookmark with his name on from an easter colouring competition on Lots of Personality – Personalised and hand made gifts facebook group Thanks Jen ximg_6505

Daddy’s wins

Not a technically a win but he got an amazing Actifry genius xl to review from home tester club not even sure when he applied but wow its actually brilliant, counting as a win mainly because daddy gonna be left out and it’s frigging awesome haha If your interested in product testing see hereor here to Product tests part 2find out more.



I’ve been adding the colouring comps to a blog post here ill be updating frequently. We’ve had a pretty good month.I’m very lucky to have so many wonderful comping friends thank you for all the tags hope you’ve been lucky too hopefully I can catch up with tags this evening haha. Im also lucky with these two creative kids so grateful for all the kids comps keeping them occupied new ink arrived today they drained the printer dry aha.What has been your favourite prize this month? Thanks for reading

Jade x


Ps don’t forget to enter my giveaway here end May 3rd 🙂

March 2020 wins

Hi everyone,  hope you’re doing well considering the current events were all dealing with. I’ve had a great month comping wise I feel very lucky not only is it obviously the best hobby but I’ve met some amazing people too thank you for keeping me sane, well as sane as I can be.  Myself and Emily have been getting stuck in with all the colouring comps shes won one already she learning to be a comper does that count ? as a homeschooling subject. Shes star pupil winning mummy chocolate haha. I’m thinking of doing a blog post listing them all with links and closing dates will be up Friday if I do :). Now, to the wins :)…….

  • A lovely easter headband for Emily on Instagram with
  • A huge skincare bundle from Instagram with the lovely @lpearsonsmith also worth a follow as she seems to do a few giveaways. My skincare hoard is complete for now and shared some.img_5761
  • An amazing blue crushed velvet dressing table chair on Facebook from BH FURNITURE LTD wishlist win so happy, with it as my dressing table chair broke with my big butt haha. I didn’t have to wait long they literally called me and say hey its coming tomorrow was brilliant although Harrison shouts at us if we sit on it lmao.89070325_2504234569824280_8602154254993457152_n
  • 29 tubs of nuts from TROPICAL SUN on Facebook which are delayed but coming when they reopen kindly emailed me saying they will add a few extras which is so kind. I had to post a Squirell gif I went for one on jetskis looked fun.img_5850
  • 50-pound amazon voucher from berry world survey worth doing didn’t take long at all.
  • Craft stuff from the range crafts on Facebook. Absolutely perfect we love it and have used it making some birthday cards and banners for daddy today (Liam turned 30 today ).img_5882
  • A bookeez studio which is going away for Emily’s birthday from @girltalkmags on twitter. They run quite a few kids comps worth a follow.
  • Some delicious homemade fudge didn’t get a picture as was to busy scoffing it haha was from copper pot fudge highly recommend was some of the best fudge I’ve ever tasted. This was from on Facebook.
  • A CBD travel set thank you to Amanda for tagging me say it every time I love to win for you and a friend comps. That was from  @healingalternativesuk  on Instagram.
  • A periodic table which is handy with the homeschooling from @goodfellow_ltd on Instagram.
  • A lovely mother day bundle on twitter from @amourheartgifts
  • A signed Jack Monroe tin can cookbook from @cannedfooduk
    on Instagram funny because about 3 hours before I won I ordered on amazon. They also added some other little leaflet tin recipes which are good too.
  • A lovely mum print from @ on Instagram she seemed so lovely and sent directly to my aunt love her so much she’s the best mum and my hero  <3.
  • A beany from the blue circle cement spin to win.
  • various tokens from the yeo valley spin to win order myself another shopping bag hehe.
  • A 5 pound love to shop voucher on the gala spins live on Facebook.

and lastly, not my win but Emily won an easter egg from the local butchers when they reopen for her amazing picture of a family of cows she so excited bless her.

I really do feel so lucky and so grateful for each prize.I imagine the next few weeks will be quiet but imma gonna carry on comping and trying to keep up with you fabulous compers appreciate you all,  you wonderful bunch ❤ Thanks for reading and be safe.

Jade x



ps excuse any facebook ramblings I don’t get out much :P.



February wins 2020

Hi everyone I hope you’ve had a lovely fooduary as I’m calling it. I’ve won a lot of yummy treats another great month for me tho my food baby doesn’t agree. Its been a weird old month for me Instagram up to its usual tricks although I did win most of my haul from there and nice facebook live win. I’ve really missed doing these hope to find more soon. I will be sharing too my blog Facebook page @mummyandmex2 there will be a giveaway on there soon too and I’m also running one on my Instagram atm to win a party box 😉 (my giveaway)


A hask hair masks much needed with my crazy mop haha. This was online entry you had to name all the tv shows in a picture there were a lot of prizes for this one.


An anthropology placemat from Dream doors on facebook I love it and it came with a good size sample of Elemis superfood facewash too which is amazing but now I need it better win that too Ahah.    I did notice they run quite a lot of weekly comps might be worth a look.


Some delicious pip drinks from Instagram from @mama_plus_3. These came with some really cute badges too.

Harrison couldn’t wait to tuck in aha you’ll notice this a lot in prize picks hands and feet haha


This one was a shock I won A huge bottle of Burberry perfume on Instagram with @yourbeautyexpertuk I’ve wanted to win some nice perfume since day 1 comping now I have. I love it too reminds me of the first proper perfume I ever had from my aunt kelly which was also Burberry.



Some fab stationery and notepads from busy b had to like the post and join the newsletter. I liked this one a lot too Liam had said I have a notebook problem he can’t moan about ones I win I just like to be organised haha.



A sweets swizzles hamper and mug for the Facebook live #bignightin quiz I won round 14. I love a good Facebook live. I boxed back up for the kids to open the excitement was brilliant “SWEETTTTTTSSSSSSSSS” was the response and lots of jumping haha.



A lovely #randomactofkindess win thanks to my friend Liz whos also blogs about mum (here) some yummy shaken udder milkshakes we had 12 they last 24 hours could have been longer but when I blinked they were gone haha piggies. (Liam photo he’s great)


A mystery prize from honest crust food hasn’t arrived yet update when arrives this was also a #randomactofkindness giveaway.

A £30 idytute to use on a gift experience in London this was a case of didn’t read properly I would be able to use so did a little giveaway on bristol compers club 🙂 I thought was an amazon card don’t even know why lack of sleep ill blame haha. Hope you find something really fun Sharon. This was another #randomactofkindnessday win on Instagram too. Keep an eye on the hashtags or special days.




A Cadburys hamper on Instagram from tombola for #nationalsinglesday I think was called yummy but again didn’t last long haha.


And finally a yummy box of pipers crisp from pipers on Instagram so delicious these won’t last long either haha I can truthfully say they are the best beef crisps I’ve ever tried



All in all a very successful comping month for me lots of tasty offerings. I’m going to get reorganised for comping later clear out and unfollow ready for March. What has been your favourite prize this month? Hope you’ve been very lucky and you have a lucky march > Thanks for reading I’m off for a prize unboxing binge!


Jade x




January 2020 wins

Hi everyone, hopes you have had a wonderful winning January. I for one am glad it’s over been a poop month my wins defiantly lifted my spirits a little and kept me sane. I was lucky enough to win 16 prizes some I can’t mention tho as they will be gifts and I don’t want them to be seen. All in all been an ok month comping wise I did struggle with motivation tho back at it properly now let’s get winning.


My wins

The first win was from boom 25 won back some Christmas gifts yay.

The second win was quite a biggy a tablet and two phones which couldn’t have come at a better time Liam managed to drown his phone in the toilet it died a slow death and Emily’s old tablet wouldn’t load anything after many factories reset and me nearly lobbing out the window.

A makeup bag and tanning products on Instagram. Which I gave to my aunty as too dark for me love the bag tho and she loved the products.

Cineworld family ticket from Lidl gifted to a friend.

108 toilet rolls on Instagram. which my children spent a lot of time building towers with and knocking them over don’t think should have bothered with Christmas gifts lol.


A scruff a luvs limited edition from an email comp on loquax.

A box of panini stickers from Cadbury’s now to win the book scan. You can enter this to by buying a bar of Cadbury chocolate taking a photo and uploading it here 

Some cereal bars also from Instagram for myself and Sharon. kids love them too so a handy win and a great afternoon snack for my children who have hollow legs.

Now this one isn’t a proper win but it’s so lovely I’m counting it as one. At Christmas, I won some books with the little dish but they are out of stock so the publisher’s puffin sent these to say sorry for the wait and they will be sending the Christmas ones too so kind of them and my children absolutely love them.


Another secret one sorry guys .

10 Gruum voucher from the top bins daily from sky if anyone would like the code dm me.

A eft session on Twitter.

Some cooking ingredients on Instagram.


And finally some fancy hand soaps on Instagram.


I’ve probably forgotten some but that’s ok been really lucky this month. As of today 1st of Feb 2020, I’m starting again. HAPPY NEW NEW YEAR EVERYONE !! Hope you’ve all been really lucky, what’s been your favourite prize this month? and is anyone else’s Saturday night plan to be watching/reading all the prize unboxing’s with a nice gin?  I hope you all have a lucky February thanks for reading.

Jade xx

My November wins and a fun product test 2019 x

Hi all can we believe it’s the start of advents tomorrow where he’s the year gone? I’m so excited I love the build-up and the excitement of it all today I’ve been unfollowing and unsubscribing like a crazy woman and I’ve managed to clear comps DB and compers news mag don’t think I could be any more ready hehe. I’ve had an alright month with wins but I’ve been a bit distracted with Harrison’s birthday amongst other stuff. I decided to add some of my amazing freebies and product tests to hope you enjoy :).

My first win was a bucket of chocolate surprise eggs on Twitter. I think Harrison’s photo swung it for us.

My second win was from a free spin on buzz bingo 25 cash.

My third win was a ten-pound amazon Voucher from coop talking shop survey site.

My fourth win was a kinder animal run will add photo when arrives. Keep an eye on the kinder site as theyve often got comps.

My fifth win was a 10 pounds sky store voucher so I brought the kids home on DVD they watch it soo good perfect for comping time haha.

My sixth win was a 25-pound amazon voucher from a survey I filled out in lucky learners. Thank you again to Kate for running and sharing the comp I bought Harrison birthday decorations so handy x

Our seventh prize was a web entry on titan books the Addams family merchandise bundle kids loved it so much I didn’t manage to snap a proper picture Harrison loved the spider backpack and Emily the notebook and pen 🙂 x

My eighth prize was another 25 pound cash from sky bingo on twitter handy.

Lastly I’ve won 1 month of dare shakes and shaker on Instagram. These are meant to brilliant and make you feel more energised which I certainly need atm. May do a full review in Jan.

Finally not a prize but one of the best product tests we’ve had a baby alive doll which my daughter absolutely loves and Harrison likes to feed her too so much so thank you to home-tester club see my product testing posts (here) and (here) if your interested in signing up I used all the sites listed and promise there not dodgy also see (here) for another panel I love.

Thanks for reading hope everyone gets really lucky on advents and please comment below your favourite wins of the month. I hope you all have a really lucky December and a lovely Christmas from my family to yours xx

September wins 2019

Hi all, another month has gone by so very fast will be Halloween before we know it. Whos ready for the Halloween comps and dare I say it the Christmas competitions eeeek so excited. I’ve been so lucky this month ive won 12 prizes I think was birthday luck I was 27 on the 30th September.

  1.  A Henry hoover goody bag from the Henry hoover facebook page IS was one of 20 winners.
  2. Some gourmet dinners from a back to school giveaway on facebook.
  3. A Christmas plate from busy Izzy on facebook.
  4. A back to uni bundle from Cabot circus facebook page thanks to wonderful bristol compers club.
  5. Some gorgeous revolution make-up from revolution on Instagram .
  6. A breakfast spread bundle from sloth lagoon on Instagram no idea what it would be until it arrived and it was marmite awesomeness.
  7. A surprise win Woody and Buzz showed up no idea we had won was from a text to win I found in compers news opened in front of my son whos reaction was wooooow I was equally as shocked I must admit.
  8. A pitch lunch box from the pitch purchase necessary competition I saw on superluckydi’s blog.
  9. Emily the little artist won a Playmobil goody bag from baker ross summer competition for creating her own character she loves the creative comps she’s always asking for the next one bless her.
  10. A Christmas gift sack for Harrison from Instagram.
  11.  3 bottles of POM juice on facebook Liam was pleased i am a scrouge and only buy cheap juice as we get through it quicker than water.
  12. Last but not least was a web entry win found on the BRITA newsletter. I was the lucky winner of £ 100, 15 Brita jugs hand-delivered to my house by the gorgeous Gethin jones, he was very lovely as were the team who came with him.


I’m so grateful of all my lovely prizes and im still shocked at number 12 to be honestly dreading the videos they took going like I get verbal dihoria when im nervous/ anxious hilariously embarrassing.  Hope youve all been really lucky comment your favourite win below ill be binge-watching all the unboxings with my cup of tea hehe.  Lastly, id like to say I do not make these posts to show off but to celebrate this wonderful hobby and the wonderful prize you could win with a little effort. To find out where I find my competitions click here.

Thank you for reading be lucky and dont forget to check out my Instagram to enter my giveaway  @mummyandmex2 x




August 2019 wins :)

Happy September my birthday month I’ve set Liam the challenge of winning me a birthday gift for the first time in 3 years I think I have newbie comper on my hands he’s very enthusiastic no idea what he might win me but exciting I’ve told him buying me a gift is cheating hehe. Anyway I’m pleased the kids go back to school soon the kids definitely miss it mums not as fun as Emily’s friends although shes had a lot of fun running my cooking club with me and entering all the kid’s competitions which have been brilliant with  the rain we’ve had this august I’ve listed her wins below too proud mummy if I’m lucky ill have a small army of compers ready for Christmas. 6 prizes and 1 surprise win in the post.

My first win was some Forza meal replacement shakes on facebook one for me and one for a friend i tagged Liam so we got one each which is nice.


My second win also from facebook a T-shirt for Liam hasn’t arrived yet so might put it away for Xmas :P.



My third win was a complete surprise had to sign for a package from America and it was some zoeva makeup brushes handy I’m sure I entered online then had to send them a message on insta. There very nice soft brushes 😀

My fourth win was a cake decorating cookbook handy with Harrison bday coming up Emily has claimed it mind you she loves cooking. I did leave a review on amazon was an entry requirement.


Win number five no technically mine but I wanted to include Emily entered a colouring competition on tetra Fb page well i did for her,  she won runner up prize and was thrilled so was i she was sat quite for ages doing all the activites when harrison was having a nap mum finally got a hot cup of tea its been a while.

The sixth win was a surprise also another facebook win didn’t realise id done so well on there. A set of family electric toothbrushes really pleased with these as I was just saying to Liam I wanted to swap from our normal ones.


A pretty good month for us considering how busy the holidays have been for us. I’m pleased to have done a lot more comps than I have in a while got my mojo back. Whats been your best win this month and is anyone else waiting to binge-watch the unboxing videos I love them. happy comping and thanks for reading xx

Emily’s airhop party

Wow it’s July already where has the year gone as many of you know I was lucky enough to win private hire to air-hop in March with Sam fm a local radio station.

It has been really lovely to arrange with them originally was private hire for 250 people with 12 dominos pizza and unlimited drinks and some of the there socks for each person. When booking I mentioned I would be using the win to tie in with Emily’s 5th birthday and they were very accommodating. We had never been before so are very excited unfortunately under 5s we’re not allowed on the trampolines but they were able to use the soft play area in the cafe.

Upon arrival all was good I ended up doing a group wavier which made everything easier. It all ran rather smoothly tho I didn’t really know what was happening at times like wasn’t told were to get the drinks and stuff but wasn’t a big issue. I managed to get a lot of water when we were eating pizza and sweet cones. I’m pretty sure everyone had a lot of fun. Everyone seemed very happy and bounced out by the end. It has definitely been on of my best wins my daughter was so happy and all her little friends. It was a extra special experience for us all as we could never of afforded a party so grand thank you to the lovely lady who shared into Bristol compers club and thank you to Sam fm 🙂 lucky dust to all let’s have a winning August and no instagram bans please loool.

Lastly id like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and made emily feel so special never seen a girl so happy or so much mess the day after the sneaky monkey opened all her gifts when we were all asleep dread to think what time she got up.

Just a few photos of the birthday girl and Harrison wasn’t supposed to take any didn’t know until after tho oops x