The great declutter of 2023

Hi all hope your having a great day so far I’m tired haha nothing new there Rosie teething and this idiot like to stay up till stupid o clock to get some peace. Never ending cycle. Whilst I stay up when the kids finally go to sleep. I do fun things like read my Marie kondo book watching videos on YouTube of people organising their homes. I’m led here pondering my obsession with organising and decluttering and I’ve come to realise my clutter is out of hand ,not quite hoarder but enough it’s starting to effect my mental health. I think my actual clutter is stopping me from enjoying life as there’s always another task another area that needs a tidy, I’d much rather spend time with the kids baking and generally winding them up like a nause as I do haha. Obvious there are daily routine chores that are a must but wouldn’t it be so much less effort if we just didn’t own as much especially the things we could pass on. One of my goals for this year is to spend more time doing what we enjoy rather than sit stressed because of all the jobs that need doing to be done. I’m not going overboard just removing things slowly one area at a time making decision and letting go. We’re doing really well so far Ive Benn finding ways of getting rid without being wasteful and in all honesty I’m feeling slightly better already long way to go. Below are some of the quickest substainably ways of decluttering 2023 the year to let go of baggage or a hoard if your me 😂

Olio – A brilliant app you give away your item for free and the person collects from food to fish tanks it’s brilliant. This week alone I’ve waved goodbye to ten items without much effort simply add a photo short description and your done as of today (12/1/2023) They are currently running a competition if you list 30 item a your enter to win gift card they will email you if you win. Another hobby of mine comping see here to find out more.

The local school/nursery -this one is new to me but my son had an accident school the very day he’d decided to take his spares out of his bag no idea why but as Sod’s law would have it he didn’t make To the toilet in time and had his first ever accident bless him. They didnt have any spares so I asked if they needed some and they said yes please people often don’t bring them back. I waved goodbye to two pairs of small shoes , three joggers and some pants and sock. It might be worth asking your local school or nursery. Lo

Local Facebook groups if you use the search box you never know what you might come across. If your not very Facebook savvy maybe just adding on your personal status and ask I bet one of your lovely friends could tag a g

The good old charity shop but be cautious they are quite picky now and charge more than you paid for the item but I suppose that isn’t your problem once you’ve waved bye bye to your unwanted goods.

Alternatively you could sell on apps such as ebay and vinted declutter could be a great course of income until your hoard is gone. here’s a great post to help you on your way.

It feels so good to not only help others but not to let go of possession that are unused or simply just unloved. So many items just end up in the bin I’m trying even harder this year to be more mindful of what we bring into our home. What are your top decluttering tips please let me know below thanks for reading jade x

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