Homeschooling week 1 2021

Hi everyone hope your well. Let me start by say wow what a whirlwind 2021 has turnt into I don’t think any of us though we’d be here again but I’m im trying to look on the bright side. This week has been quite testing and quite frankly I don’t think I’m the best teacher but we’ve been having a good go.

Emily was due to go back to school Tuesday we had lots of tears and tantrums because at six she just can’t comprehend why this is happening again. I’ve spent this week trying to console her and make the best of the situation many of us are in. I’ve created a sort of routine by planning out each day making we’ve got some fun stuff as well as learning I’ve found this time round we’ve found a much better balance. I have been to hard on us and our capabilities and I’m still filled with anxiety and doubt we’re doing a good enough job but we’re sticking to it best we can.

Wednesday was our first proper homeschooling day on Tuesday I let the kids have free reign before it all had to get serious which I feel was a good decision for us and everything seems to plan out. Back to Wednesday I tried to create a calm non stressful learning environment I put away all the unnecessary technology and turned off the tv. I set Emily up with some home-learning book which we already had left over from the last time and read through the work I had been sent. The school kindly sent over a work with a time table which for the most part we stuck too but some wouldn’t load… thanks sky and your brilliant connection not! We managed to get through it took us a very long time but we got there in the end.

Thursday I woke up feeling like death thank you to my lovely monthly surprise that make me feel so ill so we didn’t do much work but we focused on reading and phonics. I did feel quilt by the end of the day and felt angry at myself for not doing more. It wasn’t until the evening and I finally sat down I thought to myself you did your best isn’t the end of the world I think throughout all this we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves it’s ok to have a bad day.

Friday back to normal learning still felt like death but was alot better. We managed all the school work and Emily even read me a chapter of George’s marvellous medicine I was so impressed at how confident her reading has become and her willingness to learn. It really showed me how resilient and how well she has been able to adapt through all of of this pandemic I’m feeling very proud and I’m looking forward to Monday when we start a new week. I’ll be sharing all the resources I’ve come across tommorow evening all free of course us parents have to stick together and support each other.

How did your first week of homeschooling go and what are your top tips for getting stuff done through this lockdown. Thanks for reading and I hope you all safe and well.

Jade x

Building yourself up

For a few years now I’ve lived with anxiety and I always say no to everything not because I don’t want to but because of the crippling fear of embarrassing myself in public. I’ve lost many friends because they don’t quite get it and probably don’t quite understand my anxiety issues and to be honest sometimes I don’t even understand them myself.

On the occasions, I did say yes was ( and sometimes still is) a never-ending knot in my tummy, negative thoughts this will happen that will happen and lots of bathroom trips because for some reason I always feel like I need the loo.  I would take my Imodium not to eat or drink before I left I would be very distressed and uneasy.  The whole time I was out I needed to nowhere the nearest restroom was when I was going to be home. Looking back at the worse times I don’t know how myself or my family put up with me a very stressful way to live. I would never catch a bus because you can’t just get off if it all gets too much I must admit my mental illness has turned me into a control freak I’m not as bad tho I hope.

I had counselling to try and help it did for a while but it can creep back up on you this time when all my anxiety starting spiralling I started to notice patterns in behaviour much sooner and was able to build myself back up.  I started saying yes to going out not every time but a lot more than usual I’ve been finding stuff to do every weekend and im a lot happier from it too. I still have the knot and Imodium addiction which sounds quite odd but I’m starting to live rather than hide from things that may never happen. If battling anxiety has taught me anything don’t run away from your problems face them head on and build yourself back up piece by piece don’t let one bad day set you back.  Just by facing your problems you already winning ❤






metal health and anxiety update and Self-care tips!

Hi everyone ,hope you are well. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to this year being over. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get motivated and stay motivated ,recently with the current events ,I’m not even going to mention because I’m sick of hearing about it. All the rules and regulations are fine I suppose we just gotta live with them but would be fantastic if we weren’t all walking on eggshells constantly things changing at a drop of a hat. I wish we could forsea the outcome of it all.

I’ve been really struggling this week With my anxiety and mental health it’s all getting too much and I need to snap out of it tbh but easier said than done. I can only imagine the amount of people who are struggling right now it’s so awful. My advice for anyone who hasn’t dealt with mental health before or someone who is suffering again please get help you don’t have to face it alone. A problem shared is a problem halves as some might say. I’ve compiled a little list below of distractions and coping mechanisms I have personally used to help. I’m no expert mind you but the amount of different therapy’s and treatments I’ve had for anxiety and depression is quite extensive. I used to be quite embarressed because of my mental illness. I’m not anymore we’re all human and sometimes life just gets too overwhelming and stressful and there’s nothing wrong with admitting you may need support accept any help you are able to obtain. That’s the first step I suppose accepting you have a problem and getting any help where you can.


  • Meditation and deep breathing I can’t recommend enough there are some lovely videos avalible on YouTube you can meditate along with.
  • Going for a walk the fresh air and gentle exercise.
  • Get a hobby they can be your greatest distraction for me it’s comping , sewing , blogging this list goes on. It can be anything that makes you happy.
  • CBT self help books can be useful whilst waiting for treatment.
  • Get enough sleep this can be so detrimental to feeling well and defiantly should be top of any self care list.
  • Don’t drink away your problems tempting I know I’ve done it and didn’t help alcohol is a depressant so will only worsen your problems. (Learnt that the hard way)
  • See your doctor and seek help don’t suffer in silence quite possible the most important advice I could give.

Lastly I just wanted to say don’t ever feel you have to suffer alone and don’t ever feel bad about having any of the problems your faced with. Everyone is different we all cope in different ways there is no wrong way . Eventually everything will be ok again, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as long as you never give up. YOUVE GOT THIS!!!

What are your favourite self-help tips ?I’d love to know please comment below thanks for reading Jade x

Ten things I’ve learned this past six weeks in isolation!

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well. I wasn’t really going to do a post about the virus but then again I didn’t think I would be locked in for 6 weeks.  I think I’ve learnt a lot and now that I’ve accepted the fact I can’t change anything we’re doing better. I started isolation thinking ah this staying in will be easy, made full schedules and to-do lists but quickly learnt for my family that wasn’t realistic.  We have got a lot done and have a relaxed routine I have a little board with a daily to-do list which seems to work better.



1. Prepare for an emergency I’m not saying buy a million loo rolls but maybe a small stock of tins pasta and rice to tide you over for a few days.

2. My kids and liam are really awesome. I don’t think I’d still have my sanity without them 🥰🥰

3. I’m one stressy mum I need to take a chill pill lol I shout far too much mainly frustration I suppose but doesn’t really help anyone and the children don’t listen to either way still awesome but arrogant haha.

4.  I can make a meal out of anything after the panic buying struck I’ve gone back to basics and made more from scratch bread and sweet treats resulting in fewer trips to the shop and probably healthier.

5. I hate exercise joe wick is gonna kill me or make my legs fall off still haven’t managed a full week. Oh, and I gained a stone somehow and a third chin.

6. Emily is one talented artist she’s one lucky little lady her colouring and drawing competition entry are brilliant she so creative, Harrison likes to copy her and he even won one too bless him the lucky duo. I’ve seen lots of comping kids artwork over the past few weeks they all do a great job too nice to fill social media with colourful pictures and smile.

7. I can’t handle watching the news it’s so depressing and I really hate all the fake news that gets blasted all over social media should be banned. let’s fill our newsfeed with funny videos and cute things are kids do.

8. I love my children’s school not only have they sent homework packs but they’ve been making videos for the children Harrisons teachers have been uploading things to do and Emily school have made a youtube channel which Emily loves watching. There will always be the thing that annoys me about the school but they’ve really provided support for the children Emily even got a little postcard from her teacher and a phone call to see if she was ok made her day.

9. There are a lot of superheroes in the world people selflessly still going to work all the amazing NHS staff and keywords YOU are all amazing and all the people in the community who have been kindly delivering care packages, medicine and other items showing true kindness to strangers are probably the most heartwarming posts I’ve ever seen on social media.

10.  One I never thought id say again I actually hate being stuck in before all this my anxiety made me feel like I was trapped in my home. I’ve been working so hard to overcome my problems facing them head-on to go out normally with no anxiety or no worries literally cant… The irony.



I think after all this has blown over we will have leant so much more about ourselves, other people, the world around us will be different hopefully better. What’s gonna happen next? For me, I know what I want and I’m going to make it happen this anxiety can sod off. Thanks for reading what is one positive thing your taking from this lockdown comment below.


Jade x


Ps shout out for Liam putting up with anxious hormonal monster love you and you’re stuck with me now hahahhhahah you’ve been amazing love you don’t think I could have found a better man to spend my life with ❤ one of a kind.

I’m still here

Well here we go it’s been a while since I last posted been a horrific few weeks, the depression took over but now I’m fighting to get back on track.

We’ve had a rather long run of bad luck and it got to the point where I felt like I couldn’t be bothered with anything had no interest in my hobbies, to be honest, I lost interest in everything. Have you ever had so much crap hit you at once you’ve just wanted to give up? I won’t go into it but it’s been awful. Mentally and emotionally draining the crazy teenage jade would have probably drunk herself into oblivion. Coping wasn’t really my strong point back then probably because I was so angry at life and the hand I had been dealt. I didn’t understand triggers or why I was feeling the way I did. I made some very bad choices but I’m proud to say I’ve turned my life around. It took good few years to sink in lots of advice from my aunty and some councilling but got there in the end.

Mentally I go through bad patches of depression but the main battle is anxiety and when bad stuff starts to happen it’s so easy for me  to let myself fall back into the negative habits. It took me a good 2 years to get over my last mental breakdown. I could have easily done it again but instead, I found the strength to get through it and didnt let the negativity win.

No matter how dark things may seem as long as you don’t give up and let the negativity take over we can always find the light at the end of the tunnel, if your struggle ask for help if you need it and don’t give up you got this xx