Living with anxiety !

What is it like living with an anxiety disorder which possibly started as postpatum anxiety disorder ? No day is the same, you feel like your dangling on the edge of a cliff one more step till there’s no pulling you back. A small thing to someone else can be a huge thing for you. I know personally going out my front door can be a problem and it’s easy for someone to say just get up and go out, but your brain has other ideas breakdown tears panic attacks whatever it may be it isn’t always that easy. Tho I wish it was you almost living a stolen life not doing what makes you happy. I often feel guilty for not taking the children out enough tho this past year literally haven’t been able to its like being in prison physically and mentally. I for one can wait to be free again well as free as my anxiety lets me.

Over the years I’ve seen many councillors and to an extent, they help for a while but then I get triggered by such minute things for but for me, it’s like my whole world is crashing around me which sound pretty dramatic but in that moment I just want the world to swallow me whole and not to have to deal with it. Which I know doesn’t help but that’s at my very worst is no logic left it takes over its almost like being possessed and having no control over your self and you certainly don’t feel like you. I have found several coping methods that help me and I pray one day it will all just go away would be great to wake up without this overwhelming feeling of dread. This isn’t a choice it isn’t anything I thought id ever have to deal with and now I imagine there are a lot more people who have this problem because of the events of the past year ….. praying for good news this June and working on my long term recovery back to work and finally living life and filling it with adventures with my family they deserve the world fingers crossed I can win some days out. Below are a few things that i do that help me they ay help you im not an expert but


Ditch caffeine I’ve found that sipping on water when I am out. Not only does it distract me from the anxiety episode but helps me say hydrated which is better for your body and general wellbeing.

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If you are at home and your thoughts are running wild I find distractions like gaming to be a big escape. I’ve really been enjoying free online gaming at a site ive use alot lately times have been very testing .Ive perticularly been enjoying the selection of games avalible and im amazed the site is complelty free you know how i hate spending were living on a strict budget.Ive noticed there are new games uploaded frequenly , i dont think ill ever get bored. I really like the variety and how occupied the games keep my mind and are my favourite at the moment is Classic mind sweep reminds me of my box pc thats so slow its probably classed as vintage now i didnt ever undersand how to play but i did anyway now im pro haha (seeand there is also great selection of age apporipate games for the child Emily has really been enjoying the zombie typing practice and harrison like everything its great that at his age hes able to navigate the site cant reccommend enough hours of fun and those pesky mobile games dont encourage the children to ask for money hate that.

Finally im a big fan of power walking im like a women on a mission with a resting bitch face ive found walking off the anxiety tho tiring its a whole lot better than locking myself in. Light exersize is also great for your health and wellbeing.

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If you yourself feel like you may be suffering from mental health problems please talk to someone and don’t suffer in silence don’t be jade and ignore the problem for so long it got almost unmanageable you can fight this and one day you will feel your old self and it will get better …. Thanks for reading Jade x

find help and support here on the mind website or visit /call your doctor.


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