4 Pros & Cons Of Having A Dishwasher In Your Kitchen

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What’s the worst household task known to mankind? Washing the dishes. If you can do anything to make this job easier and quicker, you will jump at the opportunity. As such, why don’t you get a dishwasher for your kitchen? Could this be the best idea ever? Take a look at these pros and cons to get a better look at if a dishwasher will benefit your home:

Pro: Saves Water

Strangely, a dishwasher can actually help you save water and reduce your energy bill. When you wash everything by hand, you have to wash the dishes and cups after every single use. This means running hot water daily, multiple times a day as well. With a dishwasher, you have two benefits that mean you don’t use as much water and don’t need as much hot water either. 

Firstly, you only turn it on when it’s fully loaded or you have run out of things to eat/drink with. Therefore, you may only turn it on once every two days. It’ll be on for an hour or two, but it uses up less water than washing by hand. Secondly, dishwashers have eco settings that mean you can keep the temperature down and use less energy!

Pro: Easier For Big Families

If you have a big family with numerous children, washing the dishes is an impossible task. It’ll take an extra half hour of your time after each meal, making your life so inconvenient. Not only that but it stresses you out seeing a pile of dishes after you’ve just spent ages cooking dinner!

For big families, dishwashers make so much sense as they reduce the amount of work you have to do. Instead of cleaning everyone’s dishes, you rinse them off and load up the dishwasher – simple!

Con: Takes Up Space

A disadvantage of dishwashers is that they do take up space in your kitchen. Effectively, an entire cabinet’s worth of space will be taken up by this appliance, so it’s not ideal if you’re already short on room. This is one of the reasons some households prefer not to have dishwashers. In fact, some homeowners have even removed dishwashers that were previously installed in their homes just to have extra storage in the kitchen!

Con: Can Break down

Naturally, as with any appliance, dishwashers can break down at the worst moment. Granted, most issues can be solved with a quick fix, and there are plenty of online appliance spare parts stores for you to buy anything that breaks. Still, it’s a bit annoying having a dishwasher that malfunctions when you need it the most. Plus, you have to pay for repairs and servicing as well, just to make sure it doesn’t break. This is too much hassle for some people, which is why dishwashers aren’t always in the kitchen.

In most instances, if you get a good dishwasher that’s not prone to breaking, then it is worth it. Especially if you have enough space, but the choice is yours. Consider how much you hate washing the dishes, then decide if this appliance will improve your life in the kitchen. 

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