Dreaming of a home makeover

Hi all hope your doing well, 2021 has had about a million days. Over this last year we’ve spent so much time at home I’m sick of the sight of it I thought it was pretty alright but my goodness I’ve never known so much room for improvement. Now with the children at school and I have 3 hours of complete alone time I can start to work on the many projects I hope to get done before Christmas we will see about that tho who knows what this year has in store for us I dare not speculate after the last 52+ weeks.

I hate it we have no bath panel and the colour is so depressing. I want a lovely dark emerald green with a lovely black and white mosaic tile and lovely white accessories. I think one of those fancy towel raditors would be great too.

Windows and doors
Im really wanting some new windows and doors. our internal doors are white and old id love some new wooden doors I think they add some warmth to a room white is so surgical and with these two messy kids of mine I’m constantly wiping mine down the still look gross I think years of old paint has finally taken its toll. As for the windows there not too old but I’ve had nothing but problems with them I had a feeling they are a few millimetres too small id love to have some aluminium windows heard they are much better than our current ones. I found this article very intresting and informative when looking for windows.

Well, my most hated room with its rising damp we are still waiting to have sorted after years of being told it is condensation and to open the pissing window the water comes up through the floor as you can imagine a bit of a crap hole. when we first moved it was beautiful everything I wanted for a bedroom lasted about six months then the damp and mould got hold of it. Id love to have fresh white walls with statement wallpaper and some built-in wardrobes would be amazing seriously need to stay off Zoopla.


The one room we managed to decorate during lock down i love it all i want to do is give the awful cuboards a facelift pass the fablon. Id also love a dishwasher but sadley that would never fit again another dream who know one day this mums dreaming big.LIke the dream of moving away we have alot to consider have you ever thought about it ?.

I think when these renovations are done ill love my home again im so greatful to have a home but there nothing wrong with wanting improvements and to be able to take the time with the children at school as i do not want a repeat of the kitchen paint job the stress was next level. What is top of your to do list have you been decorating do you like it or hate it….. Thanks for reading Jade x



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