Preparing for ADVENTS comper edition!

Hi everyone , as a comper advents is not only one of the most comp filled time of the year , but it can also be really stressful. I like to get organised during november to maximize my efficency and stop anthing slowing me down. Advents Below are some handy tips that should help you prepare making


1- Spend a little time each day unfollowing inactive accounts annoying , tedious and my god i wish there wasnt limits. This will stop you hitting the limit if your likeme its weekly but could potentailly stop you from getting a ban for unliking to quickly.

2- Unsubscribe to mailing list. So you dont have too many emails to sift through i get alot of junk mail annoying.

3- Plan of actions choose your site , decide how much time you have each day to comp day 1 to 5 of december are the craziest so i try to stick to one i usually use we entry and instagram but i do dabble on other sites. I find most of my advent competitions on competition database. Tho its easy enough to scroll through socials and try different hashtags do whatever works for you.

4- Christmas wish list – this is more for people who have limited time to comp during the festive season but is a bit of fun even if you not. This will help you focus on the prizes really want / need to make your christmas abit more jolly….. for me gin so ill litrally be jolly after one glass haha.

5- HAVE FUN probably the most important tip (well advice). obsessing trying to do all of the advents will not only be near impossible but so stressful try to keep it fun.

Be sure to head over to my twitter to win £49 voucher to buy someone a special gift. There will be a few festive giveaway keep a eye out or sign up to my newsletter on the side bar if you want. Lastly have very lucky december and a merry christmas!

Thanks for reading

Jade x

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