Understanding children and teens by Judy Bartkowiak book review .

Hi all, hope your well today is another book review from me and its a brilliant one. Id, like to start off by thanking everyone whos, has been a part of this lovely book tour and for sending me a pr copy to review. I know for many of us it has been a testing year and I for one am really worried about the lasting effect on our children’s mental health. Ive noticed changed in my children and had wanted to support them the best I can but ill be honest Ive been a little bewildered. Parenting certainly throws us a lot of curveballs and a pandemic wasn’t anything any of us expected, let alone being isolated for the best part of the year that’s a lot for a grown-up to comprehend and for a child who is used to being in a routine seeing friends on a daily basis to seeing nobody.

About the authour

Judy Bartkowiak is an international NLP and EFT trainer for parents, teachers and coaches. She has a great skill set which she has decided to share with many during her career. Judy has been fascinated with finding out how children’s minds work and how their feeling influences their behaviours. She has published several books i for one cant wait to read after how insightful ‘Understanding children and teen’s’ is.

About the book

The book is very well thought out and well explained. I have a real appreciation for the first few pages which took the time to explain some of the professional terms i’d never of understood. I really appreciate the fact Judy added them to the front of the book making it more accessible for parents, teachers and other professionals who would benefit from such a great guide. I was blown away by all the practical and meaningful activities within the book and found a lot of them so useful with Emily, shes really struggled this past few months and thanks to the book I now have a better understanding and I’m able to help her in a more efficient way. There are so many practical tips to help ease the anxiety In children and quite frankly the anxiety i have too. Understanding children and teen is a wonderful resource, that can and will help the children and teens get through this rocky patch were all dealing with and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

Understanding children and teens is avalible to purchase (Here) and (Here). I genuinely cannot reccommend enough after the year weve all had we could all use a little healing.

Thanks for reading and dont foget to head over to instagram to follow the wonderful book tour all details will be live today.

Merry christmas Jade x

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