Homeschooling day 1

Hi, everyone hopes you are doing well. Today was our first day of homeschooling didn’t quite go as planned but don’t think anything in the world is atm so won’t beat myself up over it have a much better plan for tomorrow. That, however, depending on a very bad student named Harrison haha he’s 2 and doesn’t quite get it tho we have learnt some new shapes today and how to do head shoulders knees and toes was adorable until we stopped and had a 30min meltdown any advice for surviving the terrible twos welcome.

Emily was star pupil smashed her work the school kindly provided tho she did ten pages and wanted to do more she loves it. She wrote a story and from it, I was able to identify words she couldn’t spell hello spelling test after this she did some times table then read me a book out loud it was really nice to see what she was able to do I was proud I must admit. I am always proud of them but they can be very testing at times but so can’t walking bag of hormones over here prone to spiralling and being stubborn wonder where they get it from haha.

Over the next few days/weeks, I’m going to be testing out apps and free resources and will not only be using myself but ill share with you too. We need to stick together during this time we will not mention the c-word it’s now worse than he who must not be named being named. If anyone has any amazing apps or sites please comment below all help welcome.

We in the UK are on 3-week lockdown as of tonight we should make the best of it and enjoy the time we have with our families. Yes,  it will be hard at times but appreciate it because many peoples lives will be changed forever. All we have to do is stay in for a few weeks riding the storm it’ll be bumpy but it’s not every day you get told to stay at home and do nothing for a few weeks.

stay safe ❤ Thank you to all the key workers who are working so hard to keep the country going and thank you to all my supportive family and friends who make me feel better when I’m spiralling love you all and I’m always here for all of you as you are for me thanks for reading and talk soon.

Jade x


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