Homeschooling day 4

Hi everyone,  hope you’re doing ok. we’ve been doing our best to maintain some normality but in reality, it’s proving quite difficult. I think the best approach for us is little and often luckily for me, Emily loves to learn. I have come across quite a few online resources ill be sharing with you on Sunday.

Our activities

  • first aid been washing my hand and cleaning so much they are splitting so I showed Emily how to clean a cut and add a plaster she did well and enjoyed doing it.
  • A bit of maths luckily my maths is better than my spelling so doing times tables, adding subtracting is quite fun to do with Emily and for Harrison were just working on counting we’ve gone from 8 to 10 in 3 days. They also enjoy watching number blocks which I think is helping you can find it on youtube quite easily.
  • PE with joe well I am 100 per cent sure my legs are going to fall off after yesterday but ill keep going the kids were quite funny and sat down for a well-earned rest after we didn’t manage the full session but its a start and my legs are jellies still so did something. we found his upbeat personality.
  • English Emily did a few pages from her pack she does really well with them. we also read a book and sang nursery rhymes with Harrison he’s very good at following the actions hopefully hell start listening to me soon.


We didn’t do too much I want the children to have lots of fun times too. I want to enjoy this time with them. Yes, we all drive each other mad and probably yell too much mainly me it’s very frustrating at times for all of us. The children do not really understand why they cannot go out so trying to be being patient and praying all this goes away soon is the best we’ve got. I will admit to you I’ve hidden from my children in the bathroom a few times and let them sit on youtube more than I probably should, but we’re doing out best and I think we’ve found whats works for us but that may change. Each family is different there’s no wrong or right atm as long as we’re doing our best were doing ok.

In 20 years time, we will all look at this and hopefully remember the good stuff rather than bad and have a photo album full of pictures of all the fun stuff we’ve managed to do during this time.  Take this time to do things we may have always wanted to do but have been to busy obviously some cannot be done now but it may help put life into perspective I know it has for me.

Now back to what this post was really about teaching the kids I will have a full post on the online resources up Sunday and I’ve also found some free online learning course for the adults I will be adding too. Never to old to learn and would be a great way to focus on something you can control. Thanks for reading and thank you to all my friends and family for the support you all give to us I appreciate every one of you ❤ and to the NHS staff and key workers thanks for all you do you are all hero’s  and we will clap for you every Thursday at 8 x


Jade x


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