January 2020 wins

Hi everyone, hopes you have had a wonderful winning January. I for one am glad it’s over been a poop month my wins defiantly lifted my spirits a little and kept me sane. I was lucky enough to win 16 prizes some I can’t mention tho as they will be gifts and I don’t want them to be seen. All in all been an ok month comping wise I did struggle with motivation tho back at it properly now let’s get winning.


My wins

The first win was from boom 25 won back some Christmas gifts yay.

The second win was quite a biggy a tablet and two phones which couldn’t have come at a better time Liam managed to drown his phone in the toilet it died a slow death and Emily’s old tablet wouldn’t load anything after many factories reset and me nearly lobbing out the window.

A makeup bag and tanning products on Instagram. Which I gave to my aunty as too dark for me love the bag tho and she loved the products.

Cineworld family ticket from Lidl gifted to a friend.

108 toilet rolls on Instagram. which my children spent a lot of time building towers with and knocking them over don’t think should have bothered with Christmas gifts lol.


A scruff a luvs limited edition from an email comp on loquax.

A box of panini stickers from Cadbury’s now to win the book scan. You can enter this to by buying a bar of Cadbury chocolate taking a photo and uploading it here 

Some cereal bars also from Instagram for myself and Sharon. kids love them too so a handy win and a great afternoon snack for my children who have hollow legs.

Now this one isn’t a proper win but it’s so lovely I’m counting it as one. At Christmas, I won some books with the little dish but they are out of stock so the publisher’s puffin sent these to say sorry for the wait and they will be sending the Christmas ones too so kind of them and my children absolutely love them.


Another secret one sorry guys .

10 Gruum voucher from the top bins daily from sky if anyone would like the code dm me.

A eft session on Twitter.

Some cooking ingredients on Instagram.


And finally some fancy hand soaps on Instagram.


I’ve probably forgotten some but that’s ok been really lucky this month. As of today 1st of Feb 2020, I’m starting again. HAPPY NEW NEW YEAR EVERYONE !! Hope you’ve all been really lucky, what’s been your favourite prize this month? and is anyone else’s Saturday night plan to be watching/reading all the prize unboxing’s with a nice gin?  I hope you all have a lucky February thanks for reading.

Jade xx

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