March 2020 wins

Hi everyone,  hope you’re doing well considering the current events were all dealing with. I’ve had a great month comping wise I feel very lucky not only is it obviously the best hobby but I’ve met some amazing people too thank you for keeping me sane, well as sane as I can be.  Myself and Emily have been getting stuck in with all the colouring comps shes won one already she learning to be a comper does that count ? as a homeschooling subject. Shes star pupil winning mummy chocolate haha. I’m thinking of doing a blog post listing them all with links and closing dates will be up Friday if I do :). Now, to the wins :)…….

  • A lovely easter headband for Emily on Instagram with
  • A huge skincare bundle from Instagram with the lovely @lpearsonsmith also worth a follow as she seems to do a few giveaways. My skincare hoard is complete for now and shared some.img_5761
  • An amazing blue crushed velvet dressing table chair on Facebook from BH FURNITURE LTD wishlist win so happy, with it as my dressing table chair broke with my big butt haha. I didn’t have to wait long they literally called me and say hey its coming tomorrow was brilliant although Harrison shouts at us if we sit on it lmao.89070325_2504234569824280_8602154254993457152_n
  • 29 tubs of nuts from TROPICAL SUN on Facebook which are delayed but coming when they reopen kindly emailed me saying they will add a few extras which is so kind. I had to post a Squirell gif I went for one on jetskis looked fun.img_5850
  • 50-pound amazon voucher from berry world survey worth doing didn’t take long at all.
  • Craft stuff from the range crafts on Facebook. Absolutely perfect we love it and have used it making some birthday cards and banners for daddy today (Liam turned 30 today ).img_5882
  • A bookeez studio which is going away for Emily’s birthday from @girltalkmags on twitter. They run quite a few kids comps worth a follow.
  • Some delicious homemade fudge didn’t get a picture as was to busy scoffing it haha was from copper pot fudge highly recommend was some of the best fudge I’ve ever tasted. This was from on Facebook.
  • A CBD travel set thank you to Amanda for tagging me say it every time I love to win for you and a friend comps. That was from  @healingalternativesuk  on Instagram.
  • A periodic table which is handy with the homeschooling from @goodfellow_ltd on Instagram.
  • A lovely mother day bundle on twitter from @amourheartgifts
  • A signed Jack Monroe tin can cookbook from @cannedfooduk
    on Instagram funny because about 3 hours before I won I ordered on amazon. They also added some other little leaflet tin recipes which are good too.
  • A lovely mum print from @ on Instagram she seemed so lovely and sent directly to my aunt love her so much she’s the best mum and my hero  <3.
  • A beany from the blue circle cement spin to win.
  • various tokens from the yeo valley spin to win order myself another shopping bag hehe.
  • A 5 pound love to shop voucher on the gala spins live on Facebook.

and lastly, not my win but Emily won an easter egg from the local butchers when they reopen for her amazing picture of a family of cows she so excited bless her.

I really do feel so lucky and so grateful for each prize.I imagine the next few weeks will be quiet but imma gonna carry on comping and trying to keep up with you fabulous compers appreciate you all,  you wonderful bunch <3 Thanks for reading and be safe.

Jade x



ps excuse any facebook ramblings I don’t get out much :P.



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