3 ways to help your Mental health, mental health awareness week 2023

Good morning, I hope you are well this week is mental health awareness week 2023. I thought I might share my journey and try to help others if I can I’m no professional but my goodness it’s been a journey from depression, anxiety and borderline agoraphobia. Sometimes I face the problem head-on, other times I choose to ignore and it gets so much worse. Ive had therapy and thrived during lockdown because I didn’t have to go anywhere unhealthy, but I was doing good.

1 . Seek the help and get the support you need. This can be anything from learning your triggers or even recognising you have a problem. Sometimes this is the hardest step but ultimately until you do face the underlying issue it won’t get better no matter how hard you try.

2. Ditch the toxic positivity its ok not to feel ok sometimes it would be great if life was all rainbows and butterflies but in reality, its hard we should take each day as they come crappy day write it off try again tomorrow, just because we have one bad day it doesn’t have to run your life. I suppose as adults ditching toxic habits, and people not letting our unrealistic expectations of life hold us back. That thought of what my life should be like, based on unrealistic views of the world for example social media just know, behind most of these posts is a person with a struggle of their own or there simply just staged for gain, for likes or if you have lots of followers to boost your finances. I personally don’t do well on socials because I won’t lie about what I do and don’t like my, sharing on socials is my outlet I suppose a way to focus all my energies on something I enjoy rather than wasting on my self detracting ways I am my own worst enemy I often put myself down in ways I shouldn’t but that won’t stop because im still at that stage that I believe these things yet know they are not true.

3. SPARK JOY and appreciate the good whilst it’s good to write down and document all the good so when you’re feeling your worst you’ve something to fight for. for me my children are my life as stressful and tiring as parenting is I strive to be better for them, often filled with guilt about not going out enough but I fill some of our days with baking, play, reading and so much more and though I do doubt my ability to raise children at times I know I’m a good mum because I worry about being a good mum, a bad one simply wouldn’t care. I challenge and face my problems in hopes they can be happy in ways I can’t be.

If you are reading this I imagine your looking for the answers to your problems and I hope you can find them or even learn you had the answers within yourself all along. i realise a lot if this post has turned into my personal struggles which i no are different for everyone but hopefully, my 3 little tips can help you on your journey to mental wellness Thanks for reading jade x

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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal journey and offering helpful tips for mental health awareness week. Your message of seeking help, ditching toxic positivity, and appreciating the good in life is important and inspiring. Keep up the positive work!
    founder of balance thy life https://balancethylife.com

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