Transitioning from 2 too 3 children !

yikes lol, This has been my first Rosie-related blog post… I think. What can I say these past 14 weeks have been a whirlwind. Love, tiredness and literally every non-lethal illness have struck. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and quite frankly hid in the bathroom to compose ourselves. We’ve been overwhelmed with emotion and I’m pretty sure the Tasmanian devil has moved in. I’ve felt mum guilt and had my boobs on show more than I have my whole life and pretty sure they swing in the wind breastfeeding life haha. We’ve found that routine has gone out the window but my god is it worth it. I personally think transitioning from 1 child to 2 children is harder tho the mum guilty is rife at 3. I worry Emily isn’t getting the attention she craves being a firstborn myself I’m doing my best to make her included I can only hope I’ve done enough. Harrison is very full on with baby Rosie Emily doesn’t get a look in sometimes and the was me worried he would be really jealous he’s always been a mummy’s boy but I’m pleased to report both siblings love their baby more than words could describe. Each day we wake up and we can feel so much love is so fulfilling and worth every inch of stress it comes with Three is our limit tho even if Liam has other ideas haha. I think it’s very important to take into consideration the whole family when making these decisions and tho we have enough love and we cope well adding any more to our family isn’t for me. After our loss last year and a Rosie surprise I just don’t think mentally I could do it the worry and mum guilt of not doing good enough for the older children and a deep fear of turning into my mother. We’re slowly but surely getting into the swing of things and were exhausted but so happy so the truth of it is yes it’s hard but if you feel you can support and love a third child as well as nurturing and including your older children so nobody feels cast out go for it Jade x


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