5 Tips for Moving House

Moving house can offer us the opportunity for the fresh start we’ve always wanted and the
chance to find our forever homes.
However, moving house is also a stressful experience. With so much to do, and so many
things to keep track of, it can be easy to forget even the simplest steps.
If you’re preparing for an upcoming house move, here is a checklist of five essential things
to keep in mind and help you to smooth out the process.
1) Record Meter Readings
Recording meter readings before you leave your old property and as soon as you arrive at
your new property is essential to avoid being billed for other people’s usage.
If you can provide the company you’re leaving and the company you’re joining with
accurate readings, you’ll help to eliminate any confusion.
2) Redirect Your Post
It is easier than ever to forget to notify all your correspondents of a change of address –
after all, most of our post is now received via email.
It can be a tiring process to let every company know that you’ve changed address, and it’s
inevitable that some will slip through the cracks, especially if you don’t hear from them often.
If you want to buy yourself a little more time to get in touch with everyone you need to, you
should use the Royal Mail redirection service. You can choose a three-month, six-month, or
twelve-month redirection depending on how much extra time you think you’re going to
3) Prepare for Property Alterations
When you’re moving into a new house, you need to prepare for any alterations that may
have been made by previous owners.
Luckily, in most scenarios, you’ll have had a chance to have a look round before you even put
in your offer, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises.
One of the most common alterations for new homeowners to deal with are stairlifts. It’s
better if you don’t try to remove these yourself. Instead consider contacting experts, such as
those at We Buy Any Stairlift, as they can leave your staircase looking as good as new.
4) Remember Your Pets

Now, you aren’t likely to forget to bring your four-legged friends with you when you move,
but it is important to change the address details on their microchips.
While accurate microchip information has been required for dogs for a while, it is perhaps
even more important for cats.
Outdoor cats tend to wander, and they may get lost trying to find their way back to your old
home. Change the details as soon as you move to ensure your pet’s safe return should they
wander off.
5) Update Your Driving Licence
You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your driving licence, unless you’re
blessed with a particularly youthful appearance and frequently have to prove you’re old
enough to drink.
However, failing to update the address on your driving licence is actually a criminal offence.
When you move, you need to contact the DVLA to change your address and get a new
licence sent to you.
Have you recently moved house? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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