Free or cheap adventures

Taking our families to popular attractions can cost a bomb which a fair few of us can’t afford to do without having to sacrifice necessities.  I have been on a personal quest to find things to do with the children without having to splash the cash. Here a few ideas which are just as fun and with a little preparation, some imagination and in this current heat perspiration.  There are many adventures to be had that don’t break the bank and you can still create the fun memories with your family.

Local Walks

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As simple as it may sound going for a nice walk is brilliant not only are you getting out the house your lightly exercising too.  It’s also a great way to get the kids off the technology and find new places to explore.

The thing to do 😀

  • Write them a list of item to find on your walk and let them keep them occupied.
  • a picnic /snack if you wanted too.
  • Blackberry picking. give them a wash when you get home yummy treat to eat or if you’re really fancy make into jam tarts mmmm.
  • If you take paper and crayon you can do tree rubbing.
  • You could even get the collect free art materials for a rainy day.
  • feed the birds stale bread waste want not.

The library

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Now this one is great if you just need some quiet time and you can borrow some books to read which is free as long as you return on time.  There’s usually a family area too so you can read the kiddies a book and sometimes there are groups on for the kids too. The library is also a great place to find out about local events.

Board Games

Get your family on a free adventure with family board games! Family board games can bring the family together for hours of entertainment, whether it be a classic or something new. Quality time is spent laughing, strategizing, completing puzzles, or racing around the game board with one another. In addition, family board games nurture family bonds and encourage team building through cooperative play that promotes communication and problem-solving skills in a positive environment. Every family should experience the thrill of family board games at least once!

Community farms

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Some areas have community farms really lovely places to go with lots of friendly faces. a great place to take a picnic on a dry day too. Sometimes there are fun days make sure to check their Facebook page or notice board when you visit.

to do 😀

  • You could make a checklist for the kids to document what you have all seen maybe some pictures to for the memory book.
  • At some farms, you can feed the animals with animal feed usually around 50p (if you can spare it).

Free events 

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This one takes probably the most effort as you, ll have to look for and be open to trying new things.

where to look

  • Local children centres usually have a list of playgroups and local events they know all.
  • Local magazines I get a random one through my door called on the doorstep which has lots of local info.
  • Community or youth centres often run free events and classes.
  • Facebook search the event section you never know what treats you’ll find.
  • Google is also a great tool literally just write something like ‘free events near me with your postcode’.

Thanks for reading <3 hope I’ve helped me xx

I’ll be adding budget packed ideas soon to make adventure days even easier  😀 I’ll be getting creative as my dear daughter will be going to full-time school in September and I need to make them nutritious and fun. x


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