A layman looks at philosophy- and a little science by Cyril Tomkins book review

Hi, all hope you are well another great book review this week im thrilled to be part of literary PR’s ” A layman looks at the philosophy and a little science “by Cyril Tomkins book tour. I was kindly sent a copy for review and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I must admit in this lovely weather, we’ve been having it too hot but won’t complain too much its been nice sipping on an iced coffee or two enjoying another great book once the kids are settle of course.

About the book

A layman’s look as philosophy is a great non-fiction book for both students and savvy readers. The interesting in-depth look within the world of not only philosophy but science too. I found breaking down each question with answers for and against brilliant. Their reference and other info being numbered help me a lot not only to be able to find my spot on the page but to help me to fully understand the whole point of the book. So thought-provoking but scientific it was great to mix making for a good read and to be honest has made me think a lot about the bigger picture. Im no expert in philosophy but ive really enjoyed reading such an insightful book and ive found myself pondering a lot about its insights to a vast array of topics and ive gained a greater understanding of the evolution of man, god and religion. Ive had quite a few meaningful conversations since reading this book it is definitely something I will go back to and re-read. I am a person who often wonders what the meaning of life is but don’t always grasp the concept, which probably sounds ridiculous but to understand the mind and the way it may or may not work is fascinating.

About the author

CYRIL TOMPKINS, a Professor of Business Finance at the University of Bath.During his career, his research has led to over 120 publications, including 12 books, as well as the publication in accountancy journals, government reports and of course A layman’s look at philosophy

“A layman looks at philosophy -and a little science” is avalible to purchase here and many other online retailers you wont be dissapointed!

Thanks for reading and have a great week Jade.


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