5 Fun Ways to Engage Your Kids’ Creativity this Summer


If you’d like to keep your kids curious during the summer holidays there are plenty of activities you can try that will engage their creativity. This way they’ll keep learning during the long break and develop new skills. It doesn’t matter if your kids are particularly interested in arts and crafts either as there are many other ways to boost their creativity. Summer is the perfect time of year to take up new sports or get inspired by nature, which can teach you creative skills as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get those green thumbs working

Now that the nice weather is here you have the opportunity to teach your kids about gardening. If they’ve not shown much interest before, you could get them started with some fun gardening projects for kids. You could make your own eggshell or egg box planters, for example. It’s not too late to plant a few seeds either. Things like herbs and salad leaves will grow quickly and easily, and your kids will enjoy watching their efforts bloom.

Look for inspiration in new places

Look for inspiration in new places by organising a trip to a museum or art gallery you’ve never visited before. With a quick Google search, you should be able to find something interesting near you.  If your kids get inspired by the art and culture you could even consider booking a trip with a student travel company. This way you can organise a fun yet educational itinerary.

Repurpose and upcycle household items

You test your own artistic talents at home by repurposing and upcycling household items. You could turn various used items into plant pots or make old wooden pallets into a table or shelves. There are plenty of ways to get creative and you can make a couple conversation pieces to show your guests at your next BBQ. Here are a few more upcycling ideas for your garden

Take up a new sport

If your kids aren’t the type to sit down with a craft project, why not encourage them to take up a new sport instead? It’s been shown that exercise can make you more creative. This is because playing particular sports you’ll develop problem-solving skills and look for new solutions to different scenarios. Physical activity is also a great way to unwind and de-stress. Your kids will return with the energy and motivation they need to focus.

Get in touch with nature

Getting in touch with nature can help to inspire your creativity. It allows you to disconnect and clear your mind. You could go for a nice walk in an area of natural beauty near you. Why not make learning fun and give them a little project to do? You could get them to identify the local flora and fauna, or even sketch their favourite species when they get home. There are plenty of ways spending time in nature can boost your creativity. It’s very beneficial for kids and adults alike.

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