Mumma’s organisation spring edition!

Hi all ,  hope you are all well . Can we beleive its spring already. I must admit I’m  excited to have the kids off for a couple of weeks they only been back to school a few weeks but i miss them. Gotta get back to normal sooner or later I suppose. Here are some little things I plan to do to get my s**t together this year and make life a lot smoother and less stressful. I imagine 2020 would have been a lot calmer if I’d used a few of these tricks or not given the current circumstance who even knows .

1. Diary

I’m going to Keep track of all important dates and appointment and other engagement better this year the amount of times I find out stuff from Emily the day after it’s needed at school is silly. Shout out to Michelle and the other mums who remind me I appreciate it so much. Ps does anyone know what day we go back ?? Literally have no idea neither does the school website they should probably update that!

2. Notebooks

This year I have 4 excessive probably but oh well too many nice ones to chose from my favourite is my J one from the lovely Mummy overload who I did a box swap with over Christmas was so fun can’t wait for our next one.

Notebook pad 1 is for meal planning. I’m hoping to buy more locally sourced produce and Riverford veg boxes to stop me eating so much crap and hopefully save money. I also use the side bit to write what I’ve got floating in the freezer so nothing is wasted.

Notebook 2 is for budgeting this will have all my bills and spends in so I can keep better track each week would be nice to have some leftover at the end of the month. This year I’ll also be doing the pound challenge and penny challenge to prepare for next Christmas …..too soon lol.

Notebook 3 is for my to-do list if I don’t write it down I will forget I’m getting forgetful in my ripe old age of 28 🤣😂.

Notepad 4 is my blog/comping, as well as other private mum stuff bday list Xmas lists that kinda thing probably looks like ramblings but makes sense to me hehe.


3. Routines morning and nighttime.

We’ve all been a bit out of whack since the clocks changed in November and the 2 school run free weeks didn’t help. Fresh year fresh start. I’ll be uploading the Children’s morning and bedtime routines in the next few weeks easy tips and tricks for a stress-free life well almost if your like me and have a terrible twos situation unfolding.


4. To-do lists

I’m going to come back to my to-do list notebook what I do is write down the three most important tasks I need to get done in the day and work on them first when I’ve got the most energy. I also find it increases my productivity and I get more done. I used to set myself unrealistic goals for the day to end up not wanting to do any and all the jobs get pushed aside this way I’ve got a lot more done I suppose you could call it bite-size chunks and by Sunday it’s all done other than the usual daily chores of course.


5. Give everything a home

By giving everything a home or it place, I now know where is saving not only time but rage when can’t find things haha last year I did a post organising my home and I’ve stuck to it mostly and it makes things a lot less stressful. (see here)I’ll be working on my home again this month as it’s definitely slipped a bit over Christmas. This step will also help with slimline your cleaning routine and make it easier for the kids to help within reason, of course, we’ve just started making the kids tidy up after themselves I was terrible for taking over and doing for them as they would just shove it anywhere now they put back in its place took a while but we’re getting there they get a point on the reward chart for every day they’ve done another blog post coming soon.


and lastly, if things get done don’t be too hard on yourself life happens you might forget an appointment or your home might not be as tidy as you like but as long as yourself and your children are happy and healthy and your keeping on top of what needs to be done, you are doing alright. What are your organisation tips that help you keep on track would love to know comment below and have a wonderful day 😀


Jade x

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