Empower your kids a coaching guide for parents book tour and review #AD

Hi all , hope you are well. We all know what a crazy year it’s been not only for us adults but the children too their whole lives have been turned upside down. The on and off lockdowns the going to school and not going to school. I’m so sad to say on the first week back Emily felt sick at school and was to scared to say anything in fear of not being able to go back. She’s been so strong throughout all this beyond her years even but she let it all out that Friday night and me and liam didn’t even know what to say to the poor girl. So much is still uncertain but I think the effects of all this will be around a lot longer I think adults and children alike we need some certainty ,stability and most of all calm positive environment after all this negative and damb right depressing life we’ve had to live. There is a silver lining of course for us anyway I like to see the bright side I’ve seen the children flourish during homeschooling and Emily’s art blows me away I’m so proud of how far they’ve come b it feel we still have a long way to go we need more routine and I feel the children need some extra emotional support which brings me to my book review which has really helped me and I know it can help you too.

Empowering your kids! A coaching guide for parents.’ By the wonderful Judy Bartkowiak. I don’t know if you remember I shared a post not too long ago for another of her book the best selling understanding children’s and teens. Well she’s gone and done it again and released this wonderful book . I for one don’t think could of come at better time I think us parents could use some extra guidance trying to get everything running smoothly and back on track. Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful book tour see below for some more reviews for such a great book head over to my Instagram for direct links.

About the authour.

Judy Bartkowiak is an international NLP and EFT trainer for parents, teachers and coaches. She has a great skill set which she has decided to share with many during her career. Judy has been fascinated with finding out how children’s minds work and how their feeling influences their behaviours. She has published several books i for one cant wait to read after how insightful ’empowering your kids ‘ is. Helping me make better parenting choices i do ok i wont lie but flipping my lid happens far to often i want a more peaceful tranquil home and i think judy books will definantly help me achieve it.

About the book

Empowering your kids! A coaching guide for parents IS the best book ive read in a long time. Not only is it filled with all Judy’s wisdom but broken down into sections which I love. As we know raising a child is a wonderful beautiful thing but it’s not without its challenges for instance at the moment we’re dealing with a lot of anger and phobias which are coincidently in the book and the activities have been working wonders. of course, nothing will change overnight and we will always find new challenges, we know how the kiddos like to keep us on our toes. That’s the great thing about this book time and time again you can revisit chapters with each new struggle we may face and the best part through using the information and activities in the book were not only empowering our children but also empowering ourselves as parents. It’s been a pretty crappy year with its own challenges were slowly clawing our way back to normality. I really feel Judy couldn’t have brought this insightful book out at a better time for the past year we’ve pretty much been winging it doing our best but none of us really expected this to have reprocosions it does with Judy’s help we can piece by piece fix some of the emotional damage that’s been done which really will EMPOWER OUR KIDS!

Where to purchase

Amazon:https://amzn.to/2PVdcKl (af link)

Also avalible at waterstones and other online book stores.

Finally id like to say thank you to Judy and litally pr for sending me a copy of this wonderful book for my family it couldnt of arrived at a better time. Id also like to say thank you for another great book tour always fun to take part and read all the wonderful blogs and seeing how right i am haha. Thanks for reading Jade x

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