My year of wins 2019 :D

Hi everyone,  hope your all having a lucky December, I thought would try something different and post my year of wins just as the advents are driving me over the edge hehe. I really need some motivation so thought id make this blog post I’ve been very lucky and I’m so grateful may not have won andy advents but I’ve had more than enough prizes so I won’t grumble too much I’ve been able to give my children a brilliant year all thanks to comping, click (Here) to find out how and where I find my competitions maybe 2020 will be your year to start a new hobby.


The 1st win was on twitter with @Shuropody_ £100 to spend on shoes. I quickly received an online code and ordered 3 pairs of boot one for me and two for the mother-in-law nearly fainted. My least lucky platform but thanks to some lovely ladies on lucky learner who gave me some tips I think I’m able to use twitter more effectively Yay Thank you.

2nd win snug with me book also from twitter from @milkshake Emily made a snowflake and won a signed book yay.

The 3rd win was a popcorn bundle from popcorn head also on twitter 😮 got eaten before I could take pictures haha was very yummy chocolate, salted caramel popcorn :P. @popcornshed do a competition every Sunday from what I can see.

4th win super wings bundle from sparkle world magazine on Facebook.

The 5th win was £50 on sky vegas live yay went towards buying hubby the new resident evil game for his bday in march shhh don’t tell him haha x

6th win Cineworld family ticket you had to spend 30 pounds in Lidl to win a family ticket I saw this on lucky learners facebook group.

7th I won back the Xmas eve take away thanks to boom25 and bought another naughty take away haha.

The 8th win was on Facebook with direct local Bristol a mary queen of scots goody bag no idea what will be inited but the film looks brilliant.


The 9th win was a 10-pound Argos card for me and a friend my friend also won so we ended up with 20 each as we had tagged each other 😀 won on Instagram.

10th win was the also on facebook a dental makeover worth £1350 so happy never dreamed I would win something this life-changing for those who know me I hate my teeth and this actually made me cry like a wally.

my eleventh and final win for January was a vegan make bundle which is ideal as my mac studio fix is running low I’ve got it upside down praying it’ll last until I go to john lewis or win john lewis vouchers lol looks like a lovely bundle of products so excited to try hopefully I don’t turn orange like my hair haha 😛 (update made me orange lol)


A £50 Selfridges voucher from southern home own on Instagram which I bought my foundation with and I won some yummy marshmallows from @happymallows on twitter on the 1st 😀 great way to start the month.

A Love’s heart pampers hamper from love hearts on Facebook. It was a photo entry with weekly prizes you had to match your own photo with a love heart saying we chose play time 🙂

An African fruit hamper with valentines treats from Beautiful country, beautiful fruit on Facebook.

Some lovely travel size bourjois lipsticks from On Facebook.


A 25-pound amazon voucher from Hurst panel a monthly draw I do a few surveys if I have time.


A meal for 2 the day before Valentine’s Day 2 3 course meals no pick as we ate it too fast haha very hungry lol was a lovely pub called the baileys court inn had a slide and stuff outside for the kids so that was nice too not just the yummy food I regretted wearing jeans haha.

A biggy with Sam FM air-hop party for up to 250 people brilliant for Emily’s bday hopefully be inviting some fellow campers from Bristol compers club. Just waiting on details from air hop my daughter is so excited I can’t wait for a go on wipeout aha I’ll have to pretend I’m on Takeuchi castle aha

A lead from auto trader we don’t have a dog yet but Liam’s getting the hint hahaha think Christmas we will get a rescue dog I’ll have to win lots of dog goodies hehe.


On the first of March came a world book day win a fabulous Cruella de Ville costume which Emily loves and compliments last years Dalmatian costume her brother has hehe  who doesn’t love matching costume

Won some lovely bedding on Instagram for me and a friend includes 2 pillowcases and a throw was from @pandkhomeinteriors,

We had super wings win from January arrive too first toy prize for Harrison he loves it and now collects the post each morning from the letterbox bless him.

Emily won my little pony magazine on Facebook funny because I had told her no a few days before and she said I could win one lol x

This crystal science set on Twitter day 5 of Smyths #NationalScienceWeek looks very fun first of Emily’s birthday pressies.

A Mother’s Day treat box from Vodaphone on Twitter not sure if a comp or they just pick someone for a surprise box sort of thing. If you’re on Vodafone download the app brilliant for freebies and competitions exclusive to Vodafone customers.

A tin of corned beef from princes

Gorgeous light on Instagram from brand interiors my room will be getting decorated soon so new bedding and light very handy just need a rug now please comping fairies hehe.

2-month kindle unlimited subscriptions from McDonald monopoly from the free code they sent me to thank you 😀

A surprise prize from joe browns who hit 200k likes so gave away 200 prizes thanks to all who tagged me 🙂 I received a red crush velvet scarf 😀

2 Creme Eggs.

15-pound costa voucher on Instagram x

last win of the month was this lovely Mother’s Day prize on Instagram tagged at 9.20 at night can’t complain tops off the best Mother’s Day 🙂




1st arrival of the month some Kopp Kopp sweets and 5 packs of sprouts crisps from approved foods on Facebook love a live yum  these went to my friend lucy for the sweet table at her wedding ❤ x

My Mother’s Day prize arrived from @lovebooshop on Instagram the teamed up with the @yorkshirecandlecompany and @seedandbean such a nice treat 🙂

Another fabulous Mother’s Day win on Instagram with @skynicelanduk cannot wait to try this brilliant skincare …. my skincare regime is getting expensive hehe.

A Kat Von d mascara wins from Debenhams beauty club I have to review but I like a good product test and I needed mascara so win-win hehe.

A lovely easter hamper on Instagram from the lovely company @griggsandmackey  was based is reading but travelled down to Bristol and I picked it up from the hotel they were staying at so lovely 🙂 kids were chuffed and I’m so grateful to have had it x


I also won a 20-pound shopping voucher from the @britmums @pjmask hero chat I’m pretty sure it was my picture that won tho and not my charm hehe 🙂


Forgot to add the family Cineworld ticket we won from Lidl hopefully going to see dumbo 🙂


My first win of may is a useful win of some BAA sports stuff for Liam which I won on the My protein live birthday game… GOT being everywhere I somehow knew there were 8 seasons without ever watching an episode. Then the presenter made a joke about buying jade rice from Tesco that’s a new one I thought id heard them all being named after food should see what comes up when I’m searching for wins.


The second win is an EPIC skincare bundle from Instagram thanks to the fabulous Sharon who tagged me and her friend and we all won wahoo 🙂 the Foundation is 54 pound alone 😮 feel very lucky.

The third win was a surprise from the tiger instant win I found on Di cokes blog I couldn’t collect it so gave the voucher to someone could use it x

The fourth win also a surprise as my entry was terrible. I think it was my comment that swayed it a Sony speaker from the Shazam/crunchy nut comp.



My first win of June was from Evans on facebooks every Tuesday they giveaway a pair of shoes each week on Tuesday #Shoesday you just have to say which pair is your favourite.


My Second win was some dried flowers on Instagram myself and the Instagram queen Sharon won together again which is lovely 🙂

3rd win some lovely craft paper for me and a friend the lovely denise I think me you and Sharon bring each other luck:D

My fourth win was a surprise as I thought ended and winners announced on the sixth a Mars text comp so for the huge cost of 12p I will be the lucky owner off

4 England football tops, 4 hoodies, 4 hats, a gym bag some flags and scarfs and Harrison’s fave prize a ball all which I know he will shout in excitement when it arrives.



My first win of July a pair of stocking from @prettypollylegs on Instagram.

A free go on the lottery don’t know if counts but the email got me very excited though I’d won the rollover lmao there’s always next time hehe.

2 secret life of pets storage cases from kinder praying I’ve done both names or my kids are gonna be grumps haha.

Harrison’s first prize package some lovely Peter rabbit puzzles had absolutely no idea we’d won until they arrived they certainly helped with my comping mojo and the Christmas stash I did let him have one,  he just got too excited when the box came I’ve gone soft ahaha.


A now TV pass from my yummy KitKat.

A Facebook win from muddy puddles. A nice little book thinks another for Harrison tho I’m sure Emily will help.

A bagel tin



My first win was some Forza meal replacement shakes on facebook one for me and one for a friend I tagged Liam so we got one each which is nice.


My second win also from facebook a T-shirt for Liam hasn’t arrived yet so might put it away for Xmas :P.



My third win was a complete surprise had to sign for a package from America and it was some zoeva makeup brushes handy I’m sure I entered online then had to send them a message on insta. There very nice soft brushes 😀

My fourth win was a cake decorating cookbook handy with Harrison bday coming up Emily has claimed it mind you she loves cooking. I did leave a review on amazon was an entry requirement.


Win number five no technically mine but I wanted to include Emily entered a colouring competition on tetra Fb page well i did for her,  she won runner up prize and was thrilled so was i she was sat quite for ages doing all the activites when harrison was having a nap mum finally got a hot cup of tea its been a while.

The sixth win was a surprise also another facebook win didn’t realise id done so well on there. A set of family electric toothbrushes really pleased with these as I was just saying to Liam I wanted to swap from our normal ones.



 A Henry hoover goody bag from the Henry hoover facebook page I was one of 20 winners.

Some gourmet dinners from a back to school giveaway on facebook. A Christmas plate from busy Izzy on facebook.

A back to uni bundle from Cabot circus facebook page thanks to wonderful bristol compers club.

Some gorgeous revolution make-up from revolution on Instagram.

A breakfast spread bundle from sloth lagoon on Instagram no idea what it would be until it arrived and it was marmite awesomeness.

A surprise win Woody and Buzz showed up no idea we had won was from a text to win I found in compers news opened in front of my son whos reaction was wooooow I was equally as shocked I must admit.

A pitch lunch box from the pitch purchase necessary competition I saw on superluckydi’s blog.

  1. Emily the little artist won a Playmobil goody bag from baker ross summer competition for creating her own character she loves the creative comps she’s always asking for the next one bless her.A Christmas gift sack for Harrison from Instagram.  3 bottles of POM juice on facebook Liam was pleased i am a scrouge and only buy cheap juice as we get through it quicker than water. Last but not least was a web entry win found on the BRITA newsletter. I was the lucky winner of some money and 15 Brita jugs hand-delivered to my house by the gorgeous Gethin jones, he was very lovely as were the team who came with him.



2 plate from the Birdseye competition.

VIP tickets to keepers for their new menu tasting and unlimited gin yum even a little goody bag and saw fellow comper Lucy and her daughter jade again which was lovely.

Grip chalk for doing weights and pull-ups or something Liam likes he says it’s very good.

Halloween bracelets for me and Emily.

A bottle of blueberry Gin my first bottle of gin win and I can’t wait to try it.

Two tins of limited edition roses from the Olivia Burton and Cadbury comps on Instagram not arrived but this is how you enter 🙂 good luck 😀

A 25-pound book Token from the lady magazine.


And finally a pair of walkie talkies for me and a friend from Vtech on Instagram I’ve said it before but I love a good win for you and a friend comp. Perfect for my sons birthday on the 17th.




My first win was a bucket of chocolate surprise eggs on Twitter. I think Harrison’s photo swung it for us.


£25 cash from buzz bingo free daily spin .

A ten-pound amazon Voucher from coop talking shop survey site.

A kinder animal run will add a photo when arrives. Keep an eye on the kinder site as they’ve often got comps.

A 10 pounds sky store voucher so I brought the kids home on DVD they watch it soo good perfect for comping time haha.

A 25-pound amazon voucher from a survey I filled out in lucky learners. Thank you again to Kate for running and sharing the comp I bought Harrison birthday decorations so handy x

A web entry win from titan books the Addams family merchandise bundle kids loved it so much I didn’t manage to snap a proper picture Harrison loved the spider backpack and Emily the notebook and pen 🙂 x

My eighth prize was another 25 pound cash from sky bingo on twitter handy.

Lastly I’ve won 1 month of dare shakes and shaker on Instagram. These are meant to brilliant and make you feel more energised which I certainly need atm. May do a full review in Jan.


An instant win of a one-pot cookbook from Filippo Beria.

Another instant win this time from nestle a stormtrooper cereal unit think this may still be running. Went into Emily’s stocking she loves it knew she would.

Another instant from the Iggle piggle advent was a colouring sheet Harrison liked it.

A lovely Facebook non-advent win from oxeygen freejumping of the Playmobil movies and Christmas stocking of movie merch Emily was so chuffed and Harrison loved the cup and T-shirt there so good at Sharing most of the time hehe.

A painting on Instagram so lovely ,  wish I had that kind of talent 😊.

Next was an amazing ps1 bundle I’ve gifted to Liam for Christmas has been so fun playing the old games with our kids thank you to games4eva on Facebook we love this prize and they kindly added a couple of extras as well as a memory card and second controller.

A fab bundle of Christmas books and little dish dinners won on Instagram from the little dish will keep Harrison going a while we gave a few away as we had a lot and it’s nice to share.

A lovely bundle of beauty products from a fellow blogger mummy_overload and random comment picker really wanted this one a little treat for me😂.

Now this was a huge win and I’m 💯 percent sure I’m the best niece ever aren’t I uncle nick 😛 I won two hospitality tickets to Bristol city can’t wait for him to enjoy them MERRY CHRISTMAS I simply tagged him and said I’d like to win as he took me to my first match so I’d like to win for him and I did Yay. This was a Facebook advent win from butcombe brewery in Bristol.

A lovely mini tea party prize from Disney junior on FB I think it’s this one but could be any my FB notifications have gone nuts by this point of the month lol either way very grateful the Disney tea party is moth Tuesday mornings at eleven if you fancy having a go.

And lastly I’ve won a stocking full of lilets which I’m going to donate to the local children’s centre and food bank :).


I’ve been so lucky I’ve had 104 wins valued at almost 8k ❤ 


Well wow, what a year ive been so lucky I’m so grateful for each and every prize. I must say the more time you put in the more you get out ive had a wobbly year with all the liking limits and bans which just drive me mad. Finally, id like to say Merry Christmas and have a lucky new year thanks for reading all the best for 2020 xx





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