3 easy ways to reduce your plastic waste.

Hi all, hope your well. I’ve been reading a lot lately about going plastic-free and how were depleting our planet of its resources and in the not so distant future, our governments are wanting to live on Mars. I am no expert but how about changing the planet we live on. I have been trying a lot harder lately to reduce our families waste but im finding it really difficult. The food packaging is our biggest issue we’ve at least one bag of rubbish in the bin every day. We’re just one family of four, I recycle what we can but there not much else we can do without the companies who sell the food making better choices for packaging and less single-use plastics. I have found some easy swaps that if everyone did im sure it would make a big difference eventually. The change will be gradual but we would be heading in the right direction.

1. Stop buying bottled water easy ,  did you know that more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year?  I use a water filter jug and pour into a reusable bottle not only better for the environment but better for your wallet. You can get a decent jug for around 12 pounds on amazon with a filer that lasts 2 months. So yes short term you’re spending a little but long term you will not only save money you’re helping your planet.

2. Buy nice canvas bags that you can reuse and carry fresh fruit and veg without the plastic bags (buying loose usually ends up cheaper too). Okay, this isn’t a new one but how many times have you paid 5p for a bag , for it to break on the way home. I have a lovely bristol one from the local company who make them with such lovely intrigued designs. There very strong to had 8 pints of milk in mine. Doubt could you do that with your plastic bag and I have lost many pints to the plastic ones annoying. If you’d like your own local bag click here.


3. Switch to bars of soap after all shower gel is usually just watered down soap you can get some lovely ones. My favourite is dove usually on offer 6 bars for 2 pound not only cheaper but will last longer and produce less waste.




I’m sure there are many more ways we can be less wasteful id love to see more bring your own container shops so you can buy only what you need. How do you maintain a more sustainable lifestyle? what are your best tips please comment below. Thanks for reading x

Disclaimer I was gifted the local bag to feature in this post but my opinion is my own and I would like to buy some more.




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