Pink parcel October 2019 review (not sponsored)

Hi, all sorry I’ve been quiet this month life’s been very busy and different. Trying so hard to do everything then crashed and burned the lesson I’ve learnt is do what you need and do extra if you can. Today is a new post for me, an exciting pink parcel unboxing. There was a slight delay with this months box but after a very short chat with there fantastic customer service team all was good they were so helpful, if only all customer service teams were this helpful. So let see what goodies we’ve got in our first box.

Sanitary protection!

A good amount of both day and night pads as well as some panty liners. Pads are my preference but you can also choose tampons if you’d prefer. Each month there a nice pouch you can keep your sanitary items in and pop into your handbag in case of emergency or just because you don’t wanna be caught short.

The treats!

This month’s musts were brilliant I didn’t really know what to expect apart from knowing each month you get a yummy treat and a drink. In my box I had

  1.  A Baru chocolate wrapped marshmallow.
  2.  An offblak sleep breezy chamomile and peach flavour herbal tea yummy and caffeine-free.
  3. A hask repair & moisturize  Pino noir-inspired deep conditioner.
  4. A LARITZY cosmetics liquid beam highlighter in pearl really nice and makes me feel wintery hehe.
  5. A cougar six shades of nude eyeshadow palette. These are nicely pigmented and make such a lovely autumnal eyeshadow look.
  6. A lovely notebook perfect for journaling. My daughter Emily has made it into a storybook so lovely for the memory box.
  7. A one week supply of Hairflick hair vitamin blueberry flavour and tasted like sweets.
  8. A gorgeous bath bomb cupcake smell of lovely rose and is a very nice pick me up after a miserable day and period pain mine is always awful.


I am so impressed not only with the number of items but the quality and variety. It has been a real pick me up. I find myself looking forward to next months. Now, that’s a sentence id never thought id even think let alone share with all of you. I must admit I in my eyes pink parcel is brilliant value and as a busy mum, I have one less thing to remember as you set your prefered delivery day to the day your cycle will begin. I did the day before just in case. What do you think of this kind of box ? would you subscribe sign up to there newsletter for all the latest info and deal.


Thanks for reading x


This post is not sponsored I paid for a subscription all opinions are my own.

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