September wins 2019

Hi all, another month has gone by so very fast will be Halloween before we know it. Whos ready for the Halloween comps and dare I say it the Christmas competitions eeeek so excited. I’ve been so lucky this month ive won 12 prizes I think was birthday luck I was 27 on the 30th September.

  1.  A Henry hoover goody bag from the Henry hoover facebook page IS was one of 20 winners.
  2. Some gourmet dinners from a back to school giveaway on facebook.
  3. A Christmas plate from busy Izzy on facebook.
  4. A back to uni bundle from Cabot circus facebook page thanks to wonderful bristol compers club.
  5. Some gorgeous revolution make-up from revolution on Instagram .
  6. A breakfast spread bundle from sloth lagoon on Instagram no idea what it would be until it arrived and it was marmite awesomeness.
  7. A surprise win Woody and Buzz showed up no idea we had won was from a text to win I found in compers news opened in front of my son whos reaction was wooooow I was equally as shocked I must admit.
  8. A pitch lunch box from the pitch purchase necessary competition I saw on superluckydi’s blog.
  9. Emily the little artist won a Playmobil goody bag from baker ross summer competition for creating her own character she loves the creative comps she’s always asking for the next one bless her.
  10. A Christmas gift sack for Harrison from Instagram.
  11.  3 bottles of POM juice on facebook Liam was pleased i am a scrouge and only buy cheap juice as we get through it quicker than water.
  12. Last but not least was a web entry win found on the BRITA newsletter. I was the lucky winner of £ 100, 15 Brita jugs hand-delivered to my house by the gorgeous Gethin jones, he was very lovely as were the team who came with him.


I’m so grateful of all my lovely prizes and im still shocked at number 12 to be honestly dreading the videos they took going like I get verbal dihoria when im nervous/ anxious hilariously embarrassing.  Hope youve all been really lucky comment your favourite win below ill be binge-watching all the unboxings with my cup of tea hehe.  Lastly, id like to say I do not make these posts to show off but to celebrate this wonderful hobby and the wonderful prize you could win with a little effort. To find out where I find my competitions click here.

Thank you for reading be lucky and dont forget to check out my Instagram to enter my giveaway  @mummyandmex2 x






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