Smartick learning review (Mumsnet product Test)

I was lucky enough to be selected by Mumsnet to review a wonderful website called smartick. I was gifted 6 months for free in exchange for a review. Smartick is an online learning resource for Children with a great section for parents/carers to keep track of their child’s progress you also get an email to keep you updates too.

My Emily has thoroughly enjoyed doing each task and asks me every day without fail if its time to play her game which is really improving her maths abilities in a fun creative way. It has been a few weeks now since she began her daily session and she has gone from standard to outstanding which is excellent. The programme also rewards the children with stars that they can use to dress up there little avatar and certificate which all kids love too.

This week emily has even managed to get into the top 5 percent the programme is really working well for her and I’m very proud. I’ve even learnt she already knows how to use the computer so another skill she has gained and will come in handy as she gets older.

All in all we are very impressed with smartick and I’m very glad we’ve found such a fun education game highly recommend to any parent or carer who wants to give their little Einstein’s a helping hand.

Thanks for reading xx

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