Organising my home

This year one of my resolutions was to sort my home out which, to be honest, I didn’t think would get done.  Negative I know but sometimes I do lack motivation between the stress of having anxiety problems and 2 children under five who just LOVE to make a mess. I know I could get it done but I felt absolutely bewildered where to start we have a 2 bed flat with hardly any storage.

Then one fateful day I was roaming the internet watching organising and decluttering videos on youtube trying to motivate myself when somebody mentioned Marie Kondo and her book ‘ The life-changing magic of tidying‘. I then googled her and found she had a brand new series on Netflix ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’. such a good show I highly recommend if you’re looking for motivation.

Basically, in short, you follow five rules, which help you get your tidying/organising done more efficiently and in the long run will make life so much easier because you rid yourself of all the extra baggage and unnecessary belonging you no longer use or need. Making sure everything has its place.

Personally, I didn’t follow it in the order she suggests but I have stuck to her rules and made a good start. I decided to do just one area at a time so I didn’t get too overwhelmed. When I feel really motivated I have done whole rooms but I know there are still areas I have avoided we all have that random drawer of junk.

Marie way

she suggests tidying in this order :

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (Misc. stuff)
  5. Sentimental

there’s a lot more too it like tidying by category not location, asking yourself if it sparks joy it’s really brilliant.

The Jade Way

  1. Toys truly the bane of my life I don’t think I go one day without standing on something.  I simply got rid of all broken and any unloved/outgrown toys went to the charity shop.
  2. Kitchen the disaster room as its so small. I got rid of all the things we didn’t use and hoarded for no reason. now we can close the cupboards properly and find things when we need them as I have organised into like items as Marie suggests.  kitchen is complete now too after a good old spring clean. just needs a lick of paint :D.
  3. Clothes unfinished but the kid’s ones are all sorted put away and any stain clothes went in the bin and outgrown went to the charity shop. Mine and Liam’s will be sorted eventually but for now, I’ve been sorting it out when I find it in the washing pile. (add picture) with the clothes being done kids room is complete. Yay.

I still have areas I need to do but half-term does not allow it I do however have a list of things I’d like to do this week to prepare myself for finishing the job. I think the konmari method is excellent we have already seen a big difference in our home and we have more time to play with the children because there is less tidying to do as everything has its place.  Thanks for reading what’s your best tidying organisation tip comment below x





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