Why and how i enter and win competitions and how you can too !

Hiya all as most of you know im a very enthusiastic COMPER I think it’s literally the best hobby in the world so rewarding and you get the ULTIMATE FREEBIES.  I started comping a couple of years ago just after Christmas in February I recall we were already skint and my daughters birthday was looming too, a very stressful time I must admit. It started as getting free samples online they usually come in the post a short while after you sign up , then I stumbled across an article I think on the daily mirror site about a lady called di who enters and win thousands of pounds worth of prizes including a car and lots of holidays to amazing places she has a brilliant comping blog and lots of unboxings on youtube . I literally thought to myself wowzers I wonder if I could win too and after a while, I did my first prize was a ten-pound b&q voucher and a tape measure from can on Facebook proved to me can win. It was like winning on a scratchcard that feeling you get and now I’m hooked. I have been so lucky able to share my prizes with my family and friends.

Some of the prizes we won last year 😀 I am very fortunate. One year I managed to win  all the presents which were crazy and my son has been the cheapest baby I’m telling you I’ve been so lucky won his pram, his cot bedding, clothes, breastfeeding pillow, bottles, toiletries  and I’ve won so many nappies the boy has grown out of them even tho I had given away 12 bags some to food bank some to friends even had some left I’ve been so lucky . The possibilities are endless I’ve seen people post about so many once in a lifetime prizes holiday’s to watch the world cup, cruise’s lots of Disney Florida trip us next hopefully, you name it they’ve probably won it there’s even a new trend of  winning a house competitions you buy raffle tickets to win …. its amazing .

Mind-blowing isn’t it with just an internet connection, device phone/tablet or computer some spare time you can win amazing things on the internet that are both useful and can be life-changing. I also find it a great way to channel my anxiety occupies the mind. It’s quite exciting you never know when you’re gonna win or what it will be. If you’d like to give it a go I’ve listed how and where I enter below everyone has their own style of comping this is just what I do. Would people be interested in monthly comping updates to let me know ill add a new comping section if I can figure it out hehe ❤

How I enter a competition

Competition database  

Very easy to use just sign up and you’re on your way to winning wooo. This website is great as it lists everything from types of comps as well as being able to search for something you want. It’s a great site as all the comps are listed in one place and if you press enter here takes you directly there and tells you what to do to enter, then go back marked as entered then onto the next one Hehe. I tend to enter the ending today ones as I don’t like waiting too long to win haha. I mostly do web entry and Instagram when the kids are in bed and I’ve got the soaps on a split screen with the comps aha multitasking at its best. A separate email account for comping is a good idea but don’t put the wording comper/competition in the email address I don’t think it matters but it may hinder your chances of winning.

Some purchase comps

I like the ones where you can reuse the same codes or barcodes and enter daily with it.

Others you enter you may need to keep the receipt and can only enter once always read the terms and conditions which are on the packaging but if your still not sure check the website.


Social media

My preference is Instagram as its quick and easy in my opinion you. Facebook is ok but them pesky sods like to unlike pages and block you from posting if you share too many I’ve been banned a few times. Twitter is nice and easy as well usually as easy as a follow like and retweet I like to add a picture and relevant comment where I can I feel it helps, there’s literally an abundance of competitions to enter.

Comping friends 

I am also very lucky to have some AMAZING comping friend which I have met online who tag me in so much I am very grateful I love hearing about all your wins and talking competitions with you all and as for your unboxing videos I love them the 😀 best way to stay motivated. Thank you to you all.

Lastly before I write a you all a long novel just me gushing about competition wins and my comping friends I will say don’t try to enter them all I honestly think that impossible there are just too many you’ll end up COMPIE (comping zombie), never give your bank details out and only enter to win the thing you want or need then you’ll be able to use your comping time more efficiently (learnt that the hard way lol). Just have fun and enjoy it is free after all anything you win is a bonus. 2018 has been my best comping year yet just gets better and better I’m beyond grateful.

Good Luck and happy comping if you win anything please post below id love to know if I actually help people, also if you’re a camper how did you start comping I’m nosey hehe I may in the future do a monthly win post if people would like me too. thanks for reading and happy comping  ❤



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