How to enter competitions on the instagram app.

  1. Create account choose a fun name but nothing with the word comp/comper/ competition it may affect your chances of winning.
  2. Sign in and I highly recommend downloading the app as its the only way you can see messages.
  3. Then your you will see similar to mine.

4.  click the magnifying glass and from here you can search for and follow your favourite brands /influencers and search for competitions by using hashtags  ( i.e  #winitwednesday #winuk #freebiefriday ).


5. The plus sign is how you add photos and videos.

6. The heart is your notifications.

7. Your profile id recommends adding some photos so your account doesn’t look fake.

8. The fun stuff how to enter firstly read the instructions and see whether you need to tag friends use different hashtags.

press the heart to like

and the speech bubble to comment

write your comment making sure to add any tags using @ followed by your friend’s name or # tags 😀

press post

your entered yay 😀


example of a competition post

9.  Wait for the wins 😀 you will either be tagged which will show up in your notifications or they will message you which you can access using the arrow in the top right corner of the home screens.

10. good luck from me feel free to follow my account and tag me if you have nobody else to tag 🙂 @mummyandmex2


*Not so secret tip click through the Instagram stories to find competitions you can find these by pressing the circles at the top of the home screen 😀

*follow all your comping friends and after a while, Instagram will show you more competitions due to the algorithms.



Thanks for reading guys let me know if you liked more beginner’s guides 😀 please comment below if you have any questions 🙂 x






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