Homeschool week3 2021 (short post)

Well well well here we are again another week down another update. I hope you are all doing well. Last week was another struggle but we manage to get some work done. Im starting to think i could use a better outlook on life and be positive quite frankly were all living in a very unpredictable time. Alot of us put so much preasure on ourself to be perfect. Ive recently been watching a youtube channel called shes in her apron.I definatly reccommend kimmie is fantastic not only does she share yummy recipes and cleaning motation videos her whole life mantra is brilliant her favourite quote being ‘ progress over perfection’ which is something i will stand by. Sometimes the thought of getting everything done every day just puts me off doing anything but this week ive took on board some of her advice. Ive been writting down a to do list and doing my best to stick to it nothing too crazy but we have a pretty good cleaning routine just boring daily stuff haha.

As a family weve decided as long as its clean and tidy who cares and its not like anyone coming to visit. As for the school work managed 4 days out of five which i wont complain about one day was a snow day not that we had much in bristol mind you was gone by 9am. It was a lovely day off we had a tea party and watched films cuddle up on the sofa sometimes us mummas just need some snuggles what can i say. snuggles are definalty my favourite type of self care and not only do they increase our endourphines our children feel happier too.

Well thats my small update how has everyone week hope your safe and well and remeber as long as we get some done were doing alright we got this!

Jade x

Saving Money When The Kids Are At Home

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Hi all hope you well.When schooling your child at home either on a permanent basis or due to the ongoing restrictions – there are a lot of small costs you’ll start to notice. Having the kids at home all the time can increase your bills and your shopping bill each week, and for those of us having financial struggles during the pandemic this can be a real strain.

Today we want to talk about how you can save some money on your bills and in the home generally when the kids are at home with you this year. 

Prepare healthy lunches 

The easiest way to save some money when you have your children at home with you is to prepare healthy and nutritious lunches that fill them up for less. There are many affordable lunch options to make for your children at home and you can prepare a lot of these ahead of time to save you time and effort on the day. One great example of a cheap but filling lunch box would be a chicken salad wrap; fruit salad; and popcorn. For a simple chicken salad wrap you need: 


  • 1 Shredded chicken breast 
  • 2 tbsp houmous
  • 1 handful mixed leaves 
  • ½ grated carrot 
  • 2 slices beef tomato

Utilise free online tools 

When teaching your child at home you will need access to a laptop and some basic tools such as a word processor, a spreadsheet creator, and a PowerPoint creator. Instead of paying through the nose for Microsoft office though you can use Google drive for free and gain access to docs, sheets and slides. There is no need to pay for expensive subscriptions when there are lots of free applications out there that will allow your child to do their work easily. 

Consider a new wifi plan 

If you often find yourself contemplating Payday loans to help pay your monthly bills – it is a good idea to take stock of your current bills and make a change for the better. If you have been with the same broadband provider for a long while, you might be missing out on deals with other companies that will save you a lot of money on your WiFi and tv usage. Consider comparing different broadband providers to find a new deal that gives you what you need without breaking the bank. 

Buy books secondhand 

One of the biggest expenses you will notice once you start to teach your child at home is learning resources such as books. Books can be very costly when new and they are an investment you don’t have to make when your child is at school because the school provides these. Instead of forking out on brand new books you can check online with sites such as eBay and find second hand ones that are good as new but at a fraction of the price. 

Use our tips to help you save some money at home with your kids this year.

Thanks for reading Jade x

Lessons You Should Teach Your Teenagers Before College

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When your child gets older and starts to look forward to the next stage of their education – it is important to prepare them for life outside school and in the adult world. 

Your child will learn a lot during their college prep high school online at home, but they also need to learn essential skills that all adults will need to thrive in the world. While preparing your child for their college years, here are some of the other important lessons you can teach them to prepare them for independence. 

How to write a resume

One skill that is essential for all young people to learn is how to write a resume. A resume is a profile of your work history and skills, and demonstrates to an employer what you can bring to the table if they were to employ you for a role. Your child will need to get a job soon if they don’t have one already so a resume is something they need to have on hand. Teach your child how to create a resume and take this as a good opportunity to update your own. 

How to budget 

One thing that schools don’t teach kids that they really should is budgeting. Budgeting is an essential part of life and a skill your child needs if they are to avoid money problems in the future. Learning to live within your means and to save for a rainy day is important, and it will instill wisdom in your child. Show them an example of monthly incomings and outgoings and show them how to budget for bills and other essential expenses, and how to calculate their expendable income. Doing this is a good exercise for your child as well as yourself and it will ensure that when you teenager does go out into the world on their own they are ready for this. 

How to cook 

Cooking is a skill everyone needs. The last thing you want is for your child to go off to college and live off microwave meals and takeaways for three years or more. Now is the time to teach your child the value of cooking and how to cook simple dishes such as pizza and pasta bake and curry. Teaching your child to make the basics will ensure that they have a working knowledge of the kitchen and they won’t feel overwhelmed when faced with cooking for themselves. 

How to do laundry 

It is a sad fact that a lot of kids don’t know how to do laundry, and now is the right time for you to teach them this before they go off to college. You don’t want your child to come home every week so that you can wash their clothes! Show them the different cycle types and what they mean, how to check for washing instructions on clothes, and ensure they know how to properly separate loads. 

Teach your child these essential life skills this year alongside their education and it will help to prepare them for life as an adult. 

Thanks for reading Jade 😀

Zyn nicotine pouches 18+

Hiya, how are we all doing this week? I’ve been trying out zyn. Zyn is a nicotine pouch that can be enjoyed in places you cannot vape or smoke. I used it at home as I do not smoke indoors and certainly not around the children. I’ve found them so useful while I’ve been homeschooling and doing various other tasks around the home. I’ve found them to be a great aid for myself I also liked the variety of flavours available my favourite is the espresso flavour. I also like the handy can which has a little compartment in the top to place your used zyn. I personally think as a smoker they are great and although they are not for quitting smoking I liked to use them alongside so I can remain present without the cravings. Personally ive never come across a product like this before I genuinely think they’re a brilliant idea and I cannot recommend enough tho obviously if your a non-smoker these will not be for you and definitely not to be used whilst pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have any cardiovascular problems.

Dont take my word for it try for yourself via the link below join the inner circle!

To try for yourself visit .

Thank for reading

Jade x


⚠️ This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.🔞Over 18s only not recommended for use whilst pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have a history of cardiovascular disease#ad #advert #zyninnercircle #zyn #OpinionsAreMyOwn.

Product testing

Hi all i hope your well as you know i love to product testing.I have had some amazing products I’ve been able to review its a fun little hobby which is free mainly depending on the site you use a few ask for deposits for the higher value item.All these companies ask for in return is a review and or a social media post not bad eh? below are sites I use 😀 will add more as I use and get used to sites. click headers to access sites and sign up if you want too.

Home tester club

assorted color box lot on rack
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Home tester club is brilliant if you want to try out new household products quite a mixed batch of items I’ve had things like perfume full size , toys , an actifry  , toothpaste and face wash very  useful items brilliant way to try before you buy you usually get an email as soon as new items are tester ready too so you don’t miss out.  Perhaps checking once a week just in case x

First beauty 

attractive beautiful beautiful girl beauty
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I think this one is my fave first beauty is absolutely brilliant not only do you get to test beauty related products but you earn points too and when you have so many you can exchange for gift vouchers which mind blows my mind double win.  I have had 4 tests since joining last year and be able to swap for the point for gift cards. I think I’ve been able to exchange the points every 2 tested items which are brilliant maybe another one you can save up kinda like boots point. You will receive an email when new items are available.

 Savvy circle

Quite good you can also review to win lots of products. it can be diifficult to get the biggys but weve done alright usually toothepaste and washing items im able to get

Other testing sites I use

  1.  The insiders’ mix of items sometimes there’s a deposit involved
  2.  Top pasta books –  review books and enter giveaways that you review for more books.
  3.  vox box– very popular in America works best on the App ive recently been invited to a bondi sands test x
  4.  Philips product tester – good but it can be hard to find a test as you have to login and check daily.

Other info 

Disclaimer  — There are many testing sites out there watch out for spammy ones as they are about and don’t ever put your bank details in, also if something looks too good to be true please don’t sign up just in case.

Thank you for reading hope you get some tests please remember you won’t always get something but is fun when you do. nothing to lose when its free ❤

For more sites please read Here.

Jade x

Life in a lockdown an interview with myself!

Hi everyone hope you are well, well as well as we can be. Today is a different kind of post for me I decided to join in with the life in a lockdown series with some other blogger see below to read theirs. I decided to join in so I can look back on this hard time and appreciate everything we’ve done and been through and hope to see some positives to look back on. one thing I’m certain of in this uncertain time is I’m not meant to be an academic teacher but I have a good go I’m better at teaching life skills if I’m honest probably because the curriculum has changed since I was six 22 years ago who knew that would happen.

My interview with me!

1) How are you feeling/coping? This past week ive been pretty low if I’m honest I have the best intentions to get stuff done but I need a good kick up the **** to get me going wish I could just get motivated. On the bright side tho I am healthy and the children are too we have a home food and warmth so feel bad complaining.

2) What have you been up to over the past 7 days? We’ve been homeschooling, cleaning all the usual stuff just seems were all grating on each other a bit Emily’s 6 going on 16 and moody to be expected tho considering shes missing school and her friends. Harrison the 3-year-old danger child running rings around us but he’s happy he actually learnt his whole alphabet and recognises the letters thanks to some lovely flashcards we got from made for mums.

3) What do you think the coming weeks and months might hold for you (or the world)? I can’t see anything changing for a little while yet which makes me sad. Not as sad however as I am about the way people are treating each other at the moment because of difference in opinions.

4) If you could remind yourself something about this time in years to come what would it be? WE survived i already live with anxiety and struggle to go out but after this, I will win the anxiety battle and be the old fun Jade who liked to explore. It may sound weird but going from being mentally trapped to literally trapped in my home in some kind of was has done well. I know how strange that may sound but that’s me strange haha.

5) What have you bought this week that others might like? I treated myself and Emily to some new headbands from @tildbows our fringes have grown out and we cant see I’m not brave enough for a fringe but just yet it’s so cold atm the shivering will make it wonky. We love supporting Liz’s small but amazing business. She always has amazing stock and designs.

6) What is a unique (or not) technique you have used to get you through this time? I think I just pretend it’s not happening I limit the news and only read fun stuff ( we stick to rules thought better add this incase people took the wrong way). For us, the change wasn’t a big impact as we didn’t go out much anyway now the kids have adjusted well apart from a few tantrums. I think this has made me see the poor children were isolated anyway well apart from school and trips to the park because of my stupid anxiety it will change were going on adventures when we’re allowed.

7) What is something your readers might not know about you? Im a big nerd who watchs far to many murder documentries liams scared im getting ideas haha.

8) What have you been grateful for over the past 7 days? Ive been grateful to liam and the children for keeping me going if was just me i dont think id even bother getting out of bed they give me a purpose im so thankful for them my world 🙂

This post was written as part of The life in lockdown weekly round up organised by the lovely Sarah from Life in a breakdown and Rebecca from I always believed in futureshead over to their wonderful blogs to read there take on lockdown aswell.Thank you for setting this up has been lovely reading everyone elses thought and feeling somehow makes me feel less alone.

Trying to see the postives atm is becoming harder but one thing id do know it will get better for us all as long as we stick together and support each other.

Thanks for reading Jade x

Homeschooling week 2 2021

Hi all hope your doing well .Well what a week started off well i must say towards the end of the week however we had a inset day and friday was one huge meltown everyone was crying an at the end of their teather. After it all kicked off i sat feeling guilty for a while then realised we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and as for emily that little learner just needs to listen. Ive noticed alot this week on social media how hard were all being on ourselves and down in the comments some amazing mummas are reassuring and supporting each other. Its been lovely to see something positive come out of all this mayhem everyones willingness to support and sometimes we all just need a moan and to compare what our lunatic children have been getting up too. Its really does make me realise how much we miss the school runs seeing everyone the normality of it all is what i look forward to the most miss your faces.

All in all the school work went well i think haha short one this week lets hope we have a better time this week its all about ajusting and perfecting the routines for us this week we need some kind of normal.

thanks for reading

Jade x

Family Cars: Getting It Right

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If you have kids, chances are you’ve considered getting a car. Being able to drive and having access to your own vehicle can just make family life so much easier. Rather than trying to cart everyone around on public transport, worrying about your little ones disturbing others, wandering off or otherwise getting into trouble, you can simply get into one, controllable and contained space and transport yourselves from A to B with minimal hassle. It really can make all the difference. This has become more apparent since the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us are looking for ways to minimise our contact with others and a family car can really help with this. Of course, a car is a big investment. It’s likely to be the second most expensive thing you invest in – second only to your family home. So, you’re going to want to take multiple factors into consideration before buying or signing up to a finance plan. Here are some suggestions that can help you to secure the best car for your family’s needs!

Find the Right Price

Of course, if you have a family, one concern you probably have is cost. Driving and maintaining a car can be expensive, so you may want to keep costs as low as possible. Remember that the cost of the car itself isn’t the only thing you need to take into consideration. Instead, you’re going to need to take additional costs into account. You’re going to need to insure your vehicle. You’ll need to tax it. You’ll need to pay for fuel. You’ll need to carry out services and MOTs. Then there’s additional maintenance costs, such as oil, new tyres and more. Put simply, you need to make sure that the whole cost of having a car fits into your budget, while ensuring that you can still pay your bills and have disposable left for you and your little ones to enjoy. Consider all of your options. Very few people buy a car outright. Instead, most will use finance agreements, an interest free credit card or a low interest loan. Make sure to consider interest rates and compare deals to get the best option for your money.

Find the Right Size

Different families will need different size cars. If you have two children, you should be fine with a five seater car. If you have five children, however, you may need to look into getting some sort of seven seater car or mini bus. This will ensure everyone can fit in at once. You also need to account for things like baby seat space, booster seat space and luggage space for prams, bags and more. If you are living in a rural area, you may also need a larger, more rugged 4×4. So, ask yourself questions like Is the Mokka X a 4×4.

Take Your Time

Remember that this is a big decision. Don’t feel rushed and don’t allow salespeople to pressure you. Take your time. Think things over. You want to make sure you’re definitely happy with your choice before committing.

Hopefully, all of this information will guide you on the right path to the perfect family car for your needs!

Thanks for reading and hope your all doing well.

Jade x

free homeschooling resourses 2021

Hi everyone short one today thought id just share a few online resources, I have come across this few weeks. We have work from the school but last week some wouldnt load we found our own and hoped for the best. I’m actually really enjoying it but have the worry we will run out of ideas. We don’t have a strict schedule a little every day as well as some of these online activities below I’ve listed the ones we like and a few bonus entries at the end. I must admit i didnt think 2021 was gunna begin like this but i suppose we must make the best of a crappy situation. These resourses will defiantly come in handy for the foreseeable until we can all resume our normal lives. I’m so proud of my children not once have they complained although we have had a few tears and tantrums this has been a huge change for them for everyone globally at the moment if we all stick together and follow the guidelines it’ll be ok just focus on now and hope for a better future.

Free Learning sites for children

These are for mainly primary school ages children but I have added one or two for older children too all are free and easily accessible if an app version is available I will list that too.

BBC bitesize a range of subjects for all ages :e

Math factor can be customised to your child age free until the schools open:

For key stage 2 free online lessons from Atom, learning choose the free option:

Free Courses for adults

The open university has a great selection of free online courses to help keep your mind busy or to simply learn something new or to brush up on old skills to help you get through this isolation time. I’ve personally done a fair few.

Alison free online learning Really great selection ive done a couple on here too.

Vision to learn  Not as many available but still useful and great for keeping your mind busy.

(will add more when i find them)

You can also watch on youtube at a more convenient time I subscribed so we don’t miss out(Here).



(will be adding more these are all I’ve looked at for now)


PE WITH JOE WE KNOW WHERE TO FIND HIM this time round you wont beat me mate haha.

Online ballet classes :

Hopefully, these will be helpful for you and your family and you’re all staying safe if you have come across any online resources you’ve found useful please comment below. This is a very uncertain time but we can make the best of it  WEVE got this!

Thanks for reading

Jade x

Ps will be updating as i find more resources .

disclaimer:  nothing in this post is sponsored there merely resources I have come across and decided to share with you i will be adding more through the weeks feb half term is a while away yet.

Homeschooling week 1 2021

Hi everyone hope your well. Let me start by say wow what a whirlwind 2021 has turnt into I don’t think any of us though we’d be here again but I’m im trying to look on the bright side. This week has been quite testing and quite frankly I don’t think I’m the best teacher but we’ve been having a good go.

Emily was due to go back to school Tuesday we had lots of tears and tantrums because at six she just can’t comprehend why this is happening again. I’ve spent this week trying to console her and make the best of the situation many of us are in. I’ve created a sort of routine by planning out each day making we’ve got some fun stuff as well as learning I’ve found this time round we’ve found a much better balance. I have been to hard on us and our capabilities and I’m still filled with anxiety and doubt we’re doing a good enough job but we’re sticking to it best we can.

Wednesday was our first proper homeschooling day on Tuesday I let the kids have free reign before it all had to get serious which I feel was a good decision for us and everything seems to plan out. Back to Wednesday I tried to create a calm non stressful learning environment I put away all the unnecessary technology and turned off the tv. I set Emily up with some home-learning book which we already had left over from the last time and read through the work I had been sent. The school kindly sent over a work with a time table which for the most part we stuck too but some wouldn’t load… thanks sky and your brilliant connection not! We managed to get through it took us a very long time but we got there in the end.

Thursday I woke up feeling like death thank you to my lovely monthly surprise that make me feel so ill so we didn’t do much work but we focused on reading and phonics. I did feel quilt by the end of the day and felt angry at myself for not doing more. It wasn’t until the evening and I finally sat down I thought to myself you did your best isn’t the end of the world I think throughout all this we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves it’s ok to have a bad day.

Friday back to normal learning still felt like death but was alot better. We managed all the school work and Emily even read me a chapter of George’s marvellous medicine I was so impressed at how confident her reading has become and her willingness to learn. It really showed me how resilient and how well she has been able to adapt through all of of this pandemic I’m feeling very proud and I’m looking forward to Monday when we start a new week. I’ll be sharing all the resources I’ve come across tommorow evening all free of course us parents have to stick together and support each other.

How did your first week of homeschooling go and what are your top tips for getting stuff done through this lockdown. Thanks for reading and I hope you all safe and well.

Jade x