Thrifty Bakes

  We all love a sweet treat but quite frankly some baking recipes use so many ingredients it’s cheaper to just buy a small cake but where’s the fun in that. Baking doesn’t need to be over complicated or too pricey. You don’t need all the fancy gadgets and gizmos I literally have a rolling-pin … More Thrifty Bakes


Taking our families to popular attractions can cost a bomb which a fair few of us can’t afford to do without having to sacrifice necessities.  I have been on a personal quest to find things to do with the children without having to splash the cash. Here a few ideas which are just as fun … More Adventures

Back to school

Finally, here we are almost time for back to school and back to the normal routine. I don’t know about everyone else but my children have been squabbling and fighting over everything driving me up the wall. I cannot wait for her to go back and although I miss Emily and feel guilty for feeling … More Back to school

Night zookeeper review creative writing programme (AD)

Hi all, we’ve been working with Night zookeeper (skykids) which is an interactive online learning programme which helps children enhance and perfect their creative writing skills. The programme is aimed at children aged 6+. Although Emily is only 5 she has shown great interest and has enjoyed having the daily zookeeper sessions she a very … More Night zookeeper review creative writing programme (AD)