Learning with recycled materials

Hi, all today I and my daughter Emily have been using empty cereal boxes to make learning cards. She really wants to be able to read to herself which really does make me proud. probably quite self-explanatory but you just need some cardboard or paper, a pen or pencil and some scissors. Given the worlds current situation thought this might be useful will be trying … Continue reading Learning with recycled materials

Harrisons first week of preschool

Hi all,  Harrison’s first day of preschool was this week, well settling in I am filled with emotions. I’ve said for weeks I can’t wait for the break but now it’s actually time for him to go I’m quite sad. He seems to have changed overnight from my not so tiny 9.5 baby to a preschooler who is sleeping through talking and being my little … Continue reading Harrisons first week of preschool

Mumma’s organisation 2020 edition!

Hi lovelies, happy new year,  hopes you are all well and have had a lovely festive time over the holiday. For many of us were probably suffering the post-festive blues so sad it’s all over. I must admit I’m gonna really miss the Christmas tree and Emily being home but gotta get back to normal sooner or later I suppose. Here are some little things … Continue reading Mumma’s organisation 2020 edition!

Emily Watadventure personalised book review (GIFTED)

hi all, me again I’ve got something extra exciting to share with you today just in time for Christmas. As many of you will already know Emily loves to read and to be read too so when I heard about the WATADVENTURE personalised books9  knew it was for us and couldn’t wait to review. Since the book it has arrived just a couple of days … Continue reading Emily Watadventure personalised book review (GIFTED)

Hungry caterpillar garden review (not sponsored)

Hi, all fun review today not sponsored but Emily received the hungry caterpillar butterfly garden as a birthday present we loved it so much we wanted to share with everyone.  Emily has always loved the story of the hungry caterpillar and even did a school play on it. It was such a thoughtful gift I would have never thought of getting but I’m so glad … Continue reading Hungry caterpillar garden review (not sponsored)