Once a mother always a mother by Annette Byford book tour

Hi all happy Monday , I hope all you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My first Mother’s Day as a mum of 3 awoken with the cheeky grin of my eleven month old right up in my face smiling whilst her older brother and sister climbed In for cuddles my favourite way to spend a Sunday I must admit i feel on top of the world and so very lucky to be there mum. I’m not a perfect parent I can admit but I do my best completely loosing myself to motherhood and not really knowing what to do when their not around which is never but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes a break for a few hours would be nice and yes it takes myself and liam so long to get anything done but we get their eventually.

One a mother always a mother explores the relationship with yourself as a mother and with your children which I found very interesting and I could really relate to and although I don’t yet have adult children , I’ve found this book full of so much wisdom that is so relatable.
I feel there is a common misconception that when a child turns 18 there not your problem and you don’t need to parent to them but I for one will be there for them supporting them every step for every choice , relationship and maybe even grandchildren if I’m lucky. I’ll be doing all this whilst finding myself again I imagine the feel of your children growing up I’ll be left hoping they don’t hate me or I’ve messed them up somehow.

I have enjoyed reading every page and if your a adult mum you’ve got this and they will always need you but you have to let them make their own choices and support them as your child but not try to over run their life let go and focus on being you and letting them be content
I hugely recommend.

Thanks you to @literallypr for letting me be a part of the great book tour and to the author annettte Byford for writing such a comprehensive exploration of motherhood it really was a pleasure to read.

Thanks for reading have the best day jade x

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