Kiddycharts #shelfcare book club

Hi all happy Monday as you know me and the children love reading together the magical adventures to be had in a book are endless what can I say from pirates to princess we’ve most definitely share some of our happiest memories reading together.

We are really excited to share with you the #shelfcare reading for well-being book club with @kiddycharts. Which is launching today. we’re really glad to be involved. The shelf care for kids book club will send you an ebook to enjoy each month with 10/20 members receiving a physical copy. There will also be some fabulous activity sheets available for some of the books too even more fun.

This months book is ‘Beware of the Blue bagoo’ by Karl newson. This incredible story is all about the blue bagoo who everyone is scared of because of rumours but the story itself proves he isn’t and I would say the moral of the story is a very important one Don’t listen to or spread rumours. I won’t spoil the story but the way the book goes flows so well and we’ve read it quite a few times and it’s joined our collection for good.

We gifted our extra copy to Harrison’s reception class and I was so delighted to hear from the teacher how much the children loved the story and she had incorporated it into the learning. Upon looking at Harrison’s work I could see he had enjoyed it even more than I first realised.

To join please click here to join , you won’t be disappointed I promise and don’t forget. Nothing more exciting than sharing a new story and having the one on one time with the children , what makes me particularly happy is my children always put the toys and tech down just to share a story we either me or their dad.

Thanks for reading have the best week Jade x


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