How to support your child’s positive behaviour and well-being

Hello February ! After a testing January behaviour wise , tantrums and general lashing out I’ve been trying to work with the children to find healthy way of dealing with and facing our emotions head on. Something as a child I was never taught and in adulthood I’m determined for the children to have a more positive start I want them to develop and learn positive coping mechanisms and encourage them to share how they feel in a healthy way. My son harrison tends to shut down and won’t tell me what’s happened both at home or at school.

My mood stars

My mood stars is probably the best emotional and well-being resource I have come across personally. We’ve tried many charts and rewards to encourage postive behaviours that haven’t worked for us. We found both the visual board very helpful as harrison would just go and pick off how he was feeling and myself and Liam would respond with our choice too. This paired with the little book helped harrison to not only express but understand why he was feeling. mainly angry bless him but he really is learning to show us rather than lash out. I really would recommend I’ll be using with little Rosie once she’s old enough. For more info on my mood charts click here.

There is also a wonderful website called kiddie charts which has a wide variety of resources that can help with print outs and they just today launched their own shelfcare reading for well-being book club you can join here and read my post here telling you all about this wonderful book club. Myself and harrison just enjoyed our first book which we mention on our other post. Reading together in my opinion creates not only a safe place for the children allowing for a wonderful bonding experience but we can also help teach our children value life lessons in a imaginative and fun way. See here to learn about there new book club launching today.

KiddyCharts book club first book

I’m really pleased to be able to share these wonderful resources with you all. I’m so pleased to have found something that works for Harrison too as it was becoming difficult who say parenting is easy ay. I think with the right support and information we can raise a generation of children to share there feelings in hopes that mental health and well-being needs are met for a healthy happy life. Thanks for reading Jade x


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