Where to find work as a blogger ?

Hi, all I hope you are well my name is jade and ive been blogging at mummyandmex2 since 2019. I don’t have a huge following but I put a lot of love into my blog and have been slowly building up my social pages, which I will talk about more later brace yourself for a long post hehe. Throughout the years it’s changed and evolved just like I have which I guess is a sign that at age 30 I’ve finally grown up or I know what I like now. This year I’m really trying to focus on my blog and hopefully be able to earn an income from it I am self-hosted which if you are a beginner definitely a great starting point wish id of took the leap sooner I didn’t believe in myself like they say we are our own worst critics. My self-doubt and anxiety has held me back that being said I think I have done quite well currently da of 18 and have a social following of over 6k not massive but I appreciate every single one of you lovely readers. I’ve compiled this list for anyone starting out so you can apply too and find collaborations and your first paid blog work. side note id recommend only applying for what you do like as it makes for better reading and will make your niche since I made the mistake of going for everything time-consuming and in all honestly boring. Although I am grateful that is one of my other blogging regrets.

Get blogged A great place to find paid work easy to filter and find topics you love to write about paid through Paypal too so a nice way to save up.

zine is Another great database for bloggers and creators so easy to filter and find what you like to review

the blogger programme is a great database for all creators mainly gifted opportunities but i love them ive had pinch or nom and Maire kindo books this past few months.

Intellifluence I really like the variety on here and they pay fairly. The variety of opportunities is great you can filter out to suit your niche.

Lastly you can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter there are hashtags and groups dedicated to bloggers and social media creator jobs subscribe to my blog mailing list where ill be sharing the very best ones to join and about other free side hustles and hobbies that help us as a family. thanks for reading jade x


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