Three ideas for starting a side hustle

Many experts now recommend that everyone has some form of secondary income. Such as a side hustle. If you source the right secondary income, it will help you to overcome financial issues in the future and make your finances more stable. 

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For example, a side hustle may help you if you were to have an unexpected cost such as a car breaking down. Your side hustle definitely doesn’t need to be stressful or seen as chores, it could be one of your hobbies. Something that you enjoy. Let’s have a look at some options below. 


Crafting and homemade items became extremely popular during the pandemic of Covid-19. More people than ever were at home and they took to getting creative. They also started to find ways of making an extra income with their crafts. From making candles with gel candle wax to making unique furniture, crafting really took us by storm. It’s a great way to give people something unique as a gift or even for their home. You can sell on places like Etsy to start and see where it takes you. Bear in mind that if you are going to sell things on a large scale, you may need to source the money for the materials you use, and you will need to find ways to store your finished pieces. 


If you love writing or you are just good at writing, there are many different ways you can make money using this skill. For example, you could become a content writer. Content writers work on a freelance basis to provide services to either individual clients or large businesses, or a mix of both. A lot of content writers tend to have a blog that they commit to too. You get to write about things that you are passionate about with the option of making money from it too. Once you get it all set up and find the right routine, you will soon be adding new content without it taking up too much time. If you look at things such as marketing affiliation, you could potentially make a decent amount of money, and even use this as a new career rather than a side hustle. 


If you have a passion for teaching others and work well with children, you could take up teaching part-time in your spare time to earn some money. You will be helping others with their education while sharing your skills. If you don’t think that teaching is quite right for you, you could always look at providing childcare services such as childminding. It can work around your personal schedule and be a fantastic choice if you have children. Especially if they are a similar age to the children you are caring for. You may need some qualifications to get into this field, so have a look at how you can improve your skills before you completely commit to it. 

These are just three of the ways you can start making money from a side hustle. Do you have any other ideas? It’d be great to hear about them in the comments below.

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