Things to consider when adding a pet to the family

Good morning I hope you are well. 2023 has started with a bang and now the kids are asking for a kitten for Christmas send help. The fact Christmas has only just ended and we’ve put it all away the post-Christmas blues have set in haha. I will however take note of their wishes and take a good long think as a pet isn’t something you should rush into purchasing and definitely.

Can you afford to add a pet id defiantly want a reliable tracker Paj GPS pet tracker is great my aunt recently got one she showed me how easy it was to set up and to keep track of her sneaky little dog who likes to escape because through the backgate? That is something id have to think about too wed have to maybe add a wooden panel to our garden gate to keep our beloved hypothetical pet safe.

will everyone take care of the pet or will the novelty wear off quickly and mum and dad will take over the care? Will little Rosie be too young it’s quite a big commitment? I’ve heard many pet owners say it’s like having another child and in all honesty, I do think we could manage another 3 is our limit. I think I’m feeling we may wait what did you think about before getting a pet id love to know.

thanks for reading Jade x

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