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Morning every hope you’re having a great day , I’ve been up all night with a teething Rosie nothing new bless her. Defiantly started 2023 in the deep end. The decluttering and healthy eating has started. I won’t call it a diet but I’m making better choices not much change yet it’s been 6 days 😂 I am really happy to share the latest edition of pinch of nom which has showed me I can still eat yummy meals whilst making better choices I personally don’t think restricted diets work for me I end up binging over the past 8 years I’ve gone from and 10 – 16 2 sizes per child. I’m not so worried about size but my energy levels are terrible I think due to my eating I have a unhealthy relationship with food. The pinch of nom enjoy has really peaked my interest in cooking again I’m less likely to opt for a unhealthy option and defiantly no takeaways. I really do recommend getting a copy you won’t be disappointed and if you do head for page 74 first 😋

Page 74 goodness

I also really like how the recipes are layed out with the cooking options which best suit you I love using my air fryer so this was great for me as sometimes I’m unsure of how to convert the recipes with pinch of nom I don’t need to. Defiantly a must have.

Thanks for reading happy January x

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